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Announcing the CTM + Acoustic Research Bundle Deal

  1. Clear Tune Monitors
    For the first time ever we're partnering up with renowned audio brand Acoustic Research to offer you a full on upgrade to your music listening experience.
    With a longer than four decade trajectory in the audio industry, Acoustic Research has been responsible of the creation of the highest quality hi-fi equipment, and now with their brand new AR-M200 High Resolution Music Player they're bringing this quality to a broader audience, offering perks such as bidirectional bluetooth connectivity and enough power to handle full sized earphones.
    We found our 5-driver CT-500 Elite In-Ear to be a great match for this Hi-Fi player and would like to add to the mix by offering Free Customization.
    Now, you can get this amazing bundle starting at $899 or you can upgrade to a PREMIUM cable and pay $999.
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  2. Niyologist
    How much is the bundle?
  3. rantng
    Looks like $899 for the CT-500 w/AR-M200. $999 for the bundle w/premium cable. The CT-500 Elite has a base price of $700. The AR-M200 normally goes for $399 so it’s a saving of at least $200.
  4. Clear Tune Monitors
    Hi @Niyologist , thans for asking. The price is as follows:

    AR-M200 + CT-500 Elite (with Standard Cable and Free Customization) = $899

    AR-M200 + CT-500 Elite (with PREMIUM Cable and Free Customization) = $999
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  5. Niyologist
    That's it? Wow. That's a ridiculous bargain.
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