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Announcement: Location of CanJam 2009...

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  1. boomana
    Flying in from Florida for my second CanJam! I'm already excited with the growing list of friends coming plus folks I'd like to meet. Also, the gear should be amazing. I'm personally looking forward to hearing the HD800s, and checking out the all new stat amps, commercial and Frank Cooter's DIY. The organizers this year are setting up a real special event. I wouldn't miss it.
  2. grawk
    This meet was 10 years ago today. THe end of an era.
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  3. wink
    So true.....
  4. Spareribs
    Back then there were children who had no idea what hi fi is. Now they are young adults and loving their HD650s and exploring tubes and probably know more about tubes than their parents.
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