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Fist off, sorry everyone for my being around. I have been working on many, and I mean many new projects. Also the new Headfi format has been interesting and I'm not fully up and running on the new platform. So I apologize for that. I will get to finishing all of the changes needed for me to get up and going.
Ok -
Since TWag success has been overwhelming and new markets have been popping up everywhere, I can't keep up with the volume of orders and I feel that the customer has been negatively impacted because of this. So after careful thought and a long rather process, I have hired a full time employee that will assist in sales, marketing and building cables!!!
His name is Mike and he will be a proud member of our team. Please welcome Mike!!!
There are many new products that will be introduced over the summer:
The MAJOR announcement is my over molded TWag that will be in stock starting in 5-6 weeks at most. This will certainly change things!!
TWspc is my new wire. This silver plated copper has the performance of silver and the warmth of copper. Plus I can sell it at a lower cost and be within a level that can complete with most wires.
Also TWspc and TWcu will now be able to be used for the JH Audio, Westone and Ultimate Ears Products. Performance and cost effectiveness will be a key feature to this rich sounding product.
I will also offer TWag, TWspc and Twcu for the Sennheiser IE8s. This produces a sound that most listeners should have the chance to listen to. AMAZING....this will be the talk of the town for sure.
My new HD800 and HD6xx cables made from the 3 wires will be well known for sure. These are in production now and simply will turn heads!!
New iPad cables and new Micros coming out...
AND to top it all off, I have moved manufacturing. I now have 2 locations and will hit the pavement with a retail location where listeners can make an appointment and have the chance to listen to high end gear, talk about audio or just plain visit Whiplash Audio. This nice quite area will be a place where good conversations and good music will be had.
There are many more to come. Plus I'm completely redesigning my website including the new Whiplash Audio Pro site. This is geared towards instrument cables like guitar cables, mic cables and amazing interconnects.
So, let have a great summer!!
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Hol crap, great to hear that business is booming so much.
Just with the new ipad cables, are they different from standard LODs? (perhaps digital USB out?)
Cant wait to see the new stuff, especially the new micros. im in the market for a new LOD :wink:
Welcome Mike :D
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So how is the new employee coming?  You breaking him in right.
Don't forget you're entitled to share in the stimulus package that included the HIRE Act if your new employee qualifies.  Can save you 7.65% for the employer payroll taxes for wages paid March 19th through 12/31/2010 and if he is still working for you after 52 weeks, with certain qualifications, you will be entitled to an additional retention bonus.  We know you have so much work that he'll be there and probably a few more.
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