Anker SoundCore Liberty 2 pro - down the bluetooth rabbit hole
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I recently tried several cheaper earbuds to find that bluetooth 5 has been a great improvement. As I watched youtube review and comparisons, several reviewers showed a lot of enthusiasm for the high end units from sony and sennheiser. Particularly the reviews for the SoundCore Liberty pro 2 was comparing them to the very best in bluetooth.

A long story short, these earbuds are very engaging. Wide soundstage, detailed images with clarity and more bass then you every wanted/needed. An app tunes the earbuds to your hearing (or there are alot of equalization presets).
I have listened to old tracks from the 60's and 70's (Van Morrison, Hendrix, Joni Mitchell) streamed through spotify and have heard things that I have NEVER heard.

They do not have the fidelity of an great pair of wired cans with a clean source and plenty of power (but I wouldn't want to carry that weight (along time)).

But for wireless buds, they are very musical and a great time. Eight hours of run time with 3 more charges in their clamshell carrying case. Anker products I have purchased in past always impressed me with the build and workmanship. The Liberty 2 pro's are no exception.

Just wanted to share how I was very happily surprised by the jump in technology.


p.s. it was an inexpensive set of purity earbuds (app. $30) that began to show me how much time had changed the sound. The Liberty pro 2 is on sale as of this post (they just came out with the white model) for app. $120. Another nice set was the Liberty air 2's which can be had for app. $99, but for an extra $20 the Liberty Pro is worth it.
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IPX 4 for modest sweat or splash. Not for rain or heavy sweating. After shorting a Shure at gym and dog chewed up sensaphonics , lower my performance vs risk for ultra portables. These Liberty popular #4 on Kakaku since good price performance.

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