android vs. iphone for sound quailty?
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Yeah, I've read the links and I've owned the phone. I've been a pretty hardcore nokia fan till I got my Galaxy S last summer and as I said in my previous comment I'm not saying the n91 is worse - it's just not so good that to "smash" in the sq department everything else. I also said that n91 using power mp3 instead of the built-in player is something that is hard to beat. I admit that I'm fan of the analytical sq and prefer flat frequency response and agree that frequency response and sq are highly subjective. I'm not bashing the phone or sth - it's very good in sq (if you're prefer warmer sound) but definitely not smashing everything in sq.

yeah agreed with you here,, also sq is pretty much subjective.
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so, the galaxy s, android is the one most voted for this date?... 
funny, first time when i auditioned one, with it's original player, i really throught it was crap.....
after playing with one for 5 hours, it was so good....
still not defeated the mighty cowon j3!.....
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Yeah, the galaxy s had some real issues in the beginning with its built in EQ and frequency response but samsung fixed that with froyo. Also, Voodoo makes the difference - if you're not using it you should start, the voodoo sound is awesome and also the galaxy s gets way faster.
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I think it depends on the handset rather then the Android it self.  I have the Xperia X10 and I find that it is not powerfull enough in Bass.   Even when I use Poweramp it starts to distort when bass is increased and not even comparable to a Sony DAP. 
So does anyone know which Android phone out their can handle high bass without distortion?
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I have a Motorola Droid I and with the Koss KDX100 (AKA The KDX Chrome) there is enough bass to kill a small hip hop group, yet still clear mids (I attribute the bass to the buds) The EQ on poweramp is a bit touchy, go too far and it will distort, but I take it easy and it sounds incredible!
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My MOTO milestone is OK, which is Android.
The sound quailty is both depond on hardware and software .
As I did not use a IP4, so I can't compare then , but Androd is a open source system , it's hardware and software will be more in the future .
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i've got a mytouch 3g slide with cyanogenmod 7 installed and some jvc air cushions. sounds good to me, especially when i use the cm7 dspmanager to set eq.
even with the stock rom it was decent, still a lot better than the 3rd gen ipod that my brother has. i mainly use the android phone for listening through my car stereo's cassette adapter.
it's warm sounding, and it makes me miss having my rio karma..
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Well, I agree with Peddler - my Galaxy S with the supercurio's voodoo sound blows iphone out of the water. Just sounds amazing and way better than most of the mp3 players I've used. It can drive even my im716 which is usually just a pain in the as* to drive without a headphone amp. And I disagree with skerry - the galaxy s has Wolfson inside and that is better than what most dedicated mp3 players have. So, it's not like I don't know what good quality is - I don't need separate mp3 player anymore - that's how good the Galaxy S is - and, of course, in addition you get a sleek UI and a nice touch screen. And also to nywy68 - the galaxy s doesn't need root to get voodoo sound and even without it or rooting has more than adequate volume unless you're expecting to get headphones with more than 64 ohm and low sensitivity work with it. At the time when I first commented on this thread the galaxy s still had some problems with built-in EQ and stuff but now with the latest android and the  voodoo sound it's definitely way better than the iphone. I agree that most android phones, especially, the HTC ones suck at music playback and struggle to drive even my low-impedance iems but Samsung has done it right with the galaxy S.

Same here with my Nexus S - this has now replaced my X-series walkman!
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:frowning2: still waiting for custom roms ands voodoo sound on the samsung galaxy s 4g. Its a shame that we can't even get clockwork manager working on our phones. We only have one developer working with us and he doesn't even have the phone yet. I hope voodoo sound is really as good as you guys are saying. I sold my ipod because im thinking this will replace it.
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In my experience Galaxy S sounds great (at least with plain Froyo, don't know others). Anyway I still prefer my Clip+ to listen to music: dedicated hardware buttons are very useful, batery life is in another league and the difference in size is huge. Usability as an audio player can not be compared to a phone (Galaxy or iPhone...).
so, everyone says that galaxy s is so good with vodoo?... i once gave to one a listen but only with mp3s, not very high bitrate.... i was curious how does it work with flacs?...

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hm.... so, galaxy can make face.... i do not even intend to buy it for music, i have and music player, i was looking for a gaming - wifi - device.... not even a phone......
but is good to know everything about a device before buying it....
anyway, can anyone help me?

don't buy the galaxy s phone if your not even going to use it as a phone. Just moderate use gives you terrible battery life. if your want something just for wifi/gaming get the new galaxy s tap 10.1 or maybe the ipad 2. buying the galaxy s alone without a contract will cost you $400+ so id get something else.

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