Android, PX-100, volume control, end everything between, need help, I'm stuck
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May 13, 2013
OK here is the story, I was at DJ store today, heard he PX-100 II, and PX-200 II, I will not say that 200's suck so much. but I just again like the 100's much more, open sound is all I need :), now after I know which pair I want, I have a huge volume control problem.
First, the android system has 15 jumps in control, that basically suck balls, I use Powerapmp that some way solve the problem, but most of the time, my device is in a pocket, or backpack, and of course it's annoying every time, get it out, to change a track, or change the volume, at least when I'm outside, so big chance to drop it on the road :frowning2:, in bus is OK, I thought to buy HS3000 bt adpter by Samsung, so it gives me control of both volume and music play, but from what I remember, BT devices, has  own volume, and they not control the device volume, fix me if I'm wrong, also here is the same problem, that BT headsets also no have so much volume jumps at all, so my only solution is inline analogue volume control, but the PX-100 lacks it, I thought maybe to contact Sennheiser, and ask them, if they can make me a pair with that inline control, like PX-200 has, any other info other ideas, are welcome, but I will may gonna use BT ,so take it in concern, even if not, it's more easy to control the volume with analogue controller, then use 3rd party apps and volume control buttons on the device.

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