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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Roen
    I'm not sure if HiByMusic is updated for Android O. UAPP is however, so actually, you could use the DAC on O.

    Streaming app software-wise, I think you need to be at Android M/6 or below. I don't think DAC's play well with 7 and up. You may need to be on 4.4.4 or 5.0 and up. I forget which is the lowest supported Android USB system audio version.
  2. WaffleIron
    So uh, looking for a good little android compatible DAC/Amp with a super small form factor. Would anyone here be able to help out? Something like a Dragonfly or SMSL iDEA is as large as I'll go in terms of size. Budget would probably max out at like 70USD. I'm going to be using these with quite sensitive low impedance IEMs so low noise floor and a sub 1Ω output impedance are a must.
    Currently looking at the hifimediy Android DAC simply because form factor. Would the iDEA be a better option? I've heard of issues with it with some buzzing or something. The physical buttons are quite enticing though. Other options would also be nice.
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  3. m-i-c-k-e-y
    There is a Geek Out 450 in the FS section that fits your budget.
  4. Yethal
    Fiio K1 should fit your size requirements.
  5. mukulymn
    Zorloo zuperdac in 79 usd
  6. WaffleIron
    A couple things I forgot to mention, is that I'm going to be using these with quite sensitive low impedance IEMs. Low noise floor and a sub 1Ω output impedance are a must. I'll add it to the original post too.

    Form factor is too big. I've currently got a Geekout 1000 which I'm in the process of modding at the moment anyway. Not sure how hot the 450 gets, but the 1000 gets to uncomfortable levels in use.

    Not too trustworthy of Fiio to be honest. I've had an E10k which was really quite warm and hazy, and I've currently got an E18 which I'm currently trying to sell. The SNR only being 100dBA is a bit low too.

    4.7Ω Output impedance. No good I'm afraid.
  7. mukulymn
    I was
    I was Looking into hifime and cant find output impedance. Can you link me up?
  8. WaffleIron
    Haven't been able to find it myself. It's of the reasons I've been looking for alternatives.
  9. WaffleIron
    Not being able to find it I ended up emailing Hifimediy.
    I got this as a response:
    That completely rules out both of the Hifimediy DACs. Pretty sad.
  10. mukulymn
    I Checked with Zorloo for the rationale behind high imp and here is the reply:

    "The impedance is mainly due to the external resistor for short circuit protection".

    Meanwhile I got to know that they are developing a new zuperdac with smaller size (40% smaller) and less impedance (<2 Ohms) with same internals
  11. WaffleIron
    That's good. If they release it for a similar price and low enough impedance, it might become an option for me again.
  12. Skylarke
    Has anybody tried the Topping TP30 MkII?

    I want to use it with a Samsung Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T805 10.5" running Android 6.01
  13. Cheffy
    What root kit did you use? I have the same phone (S5 Neo) and getting no sound from my dragonfly through my OTG cable. The device recognises something has been plugged in, the dragonfly lights up, and it stops playing music from the internal speaker. But no sound through the headphones. I tried the USB host check, says that android.hardware.usb.host.xml is ok, the other two options have red Xs.
  14. WaffleIron
    If anyone is interested, the new Pixel 2 USB-C to 3.5 headphone dongle measures pretty impressively for how cheap it is.
    Super low output impedance with decent power in that form seems quite attractive, especially for how cheap it is. The issue seems to be the gain being too high though. If rooted or using UAPP it shouldn't be a significant issue though to my understanding. Going to get one myself and test out. Hopefully is good.
  15. Coop
    It's been a while since I used my Dragonfly, but doesn't it have some software controlled volume setting? I vaguely remember having a similar issue after using my Dragonfly on a computer, and after that, no sound when using it on my phone. Had to connect it on the computer again, change the volume there and after that it was ok again on my phone. But I'm not really sure, it was a long time ago, have hardly touched my Dragonfly (v1.2) since I got my AK70.
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