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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. ginetto61
    Hi and thanks a lot for the interesting information.   But you were using UAPP.
    As i said no problem with Android 4.X and UAPP also here ... i just get great sound indeed (with the compatible dacs of course).
    But i am also very interested to use my usb dac with other applications like Kodi, VLC and Youtube ...
    and when i run them i have to close UAPP ... i cannot run both at the same time.
    and i have understood now that to achieve this Lollipop is mandatory.
    I would say unfortunately because my devices are almost all Android 4.X devices.
    But no problem.   I should receive my 1st Lollipop very soon and will report my findings.
    Thanks a lot again for the very helpful and kind support.
    Regards,  gino
    I don't think lollipop will be any better, in fact because it up samples native apps it sounds worse.
  3. ginetto61
    Hi i do not understand.  What means "samples native apps" ? do you mean "upsamples" ?
    as i said main reason to upgrade to Lollipop (or Android 5.1)  is for its support of usb audio devices, so that i can use an usb audio dac also for watching movies played-back with Kodi, VLC or any other media player.
    This is just not possible with Kit Kat for instance (actually this evening i am going to check the settings ... maybe i will find a surprise).
    If i were interested only on audio i would be perfectly fine with the combination  Kit Kat+UAPP ... i heard a very good sound indeed.
    But i have also some concerts on DVDs.
    Unfortunately not all dacs around are compatible and plug and play with UAPP.
    Thanks, gino
  4. hariznordin
    Hi, my rig:
    Redmi note 2 prime
    Fiio Q1
    GRADO SR60
    AKG Y50
    SoundMagic e50
    Already bought a Q1 yesterday. Planning to upgrade my rig, any recommendations?
  5. esm87
    fimediy sabre android dac
  6. esm87
  7. psikey
    Have a Chord Mojo for home use but just ordered a Dragonfly Red to try with S7edge/iPhone/Z5mini (all with my Shure SE846's). Not expecting it to get near the Mojo but could be ideal for use with a smartphone, with it being a tiny USB low powered device with a Sabre ESS9016 DAC and 2.1v output. Don't have many DSD or 24/192 tracks anyway so not a major issue with its native max of 24/96 seeing as DSD too large to get many on a smartphone storage anyway.
    Waiting for stock now (hoping to get next week).
  8. hariznordin
    I can't get this in my country.. How about other brands?
  9. esm87
    audioquest launched the dragonfly black and red lastweek, they maybe an option for you. Theyre very small, just pick up a usb OTG adapter for a few quid and your good to go...
  10. hariznordin
    This one is over my budget.. Trying to find below £70 only
  11. esm87
    Where are you
  12. hariznordin
  13. esm87
    I would think the best bet would be a fiio product all things considered mate
  14. hariznordin
    Thx mate.. So Q1 is my best bet?
  15. esm87
    I havent heard it but it seems a solid product and gets good reviews. I would think price performance would be hard to beat. Cool looking aswell bud
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