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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. DanBa

    Would the widely hyped $5 VE Monk pair well with the Chord Mojo / $39.99 Motorola Moto E LTE?
  2. sharon124
    Iam bit new to this DAC related stuff. So can you pls help me to clarify this.

    I have samsung S5 and ak100. And i am plan to buy Chord mojo as well. Lets say if connect new chord mojo to S5 and play some flac songs and next time i connect ak100 to chord mojo and play exactly same audio file as previous is there any sound difference?
    In other words what iam asking is depending the sourse we connect to chord mojo is there any sound difference?
    Or what evere sourse we connect chord mojo it will out put its own sound signature?

    Pls explan to me.

    Thanks so much....
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    The difference is you will be running your Galaxy S5 via USB to Mojo and AK100 via optical out.
    I have personally heard differences using different Galaxy phones, the available apps and other sources optical output to my dac amps, though much of the time it hasn't been a completely night and day difference. The best person to answer your question is you. Try them both and see which you preffer. 
    I know many of the longer term members are using AK100's as transports for Mojo, maybe you may want to stick with that as the size of both AK100 and Mojo are very close. If you want a short optical cable for that setup ask in the Mojo thread.
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Zero difference.
    The S5 or ak100 are slaves or hosts and their job is to pass the binary data to the Mojo which does have it's own sound and it applies that with it's DAC and powers it by itself.
    The item was advertised by the company as (if you choose) turning your phone into a high end audio device. The co creator has noted at least once that it makes no difference what host you use. It's job  (slave/host) is just a storage device with an interface that you desire, ak, S5,X5, DX80 etc etc.
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  5. legcramp
    I can't confirm that, I only own 64gb cards. Sorry. 
  6. Klots
    Just got my Ibasso D14 and I have problem. 
    I use LG G2 with it. Yesterday I tried my old Fiio E10 with my phone and it worked great out of Onkyo HF player. Today I connected my Ibasso to my phone and no sound from Onkyo. With standard player that comes with ROM everything works fine. Then downloaded Hibymusic player app, and also no sound. Anyone got a clue? Otherwise very happy with this little device. Does not sound bad with my HD800.
  7. shuto77
    What cheap Android phones are people using as transports? That Moto deal from a couple days ago sure sounded good.
  8. Klots
    The rom was 5.1.1.
    I upgraded to 6.0.1 yesterday (custom rom) and now it won't work at all through usb. Line in/out works fine. I enabled USB audio from developer options, but still nothing. 
  9. Peridot
    I reckon that is about the best option for a modern phone.
    I would still rate a good second-hand Galaxy S3 highly. Coupled with the Anker 7200 mAh battery it can last up to a week between charges (although it does make for a heavy stack).
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Note3, and on a horizontal dock, it's kind of like a Squeezebox. It's feeding a D-Zero which feeds the DAC via line out - the HP101's USB DAC requires a Windows/Mac driver. In any case, if you're planning on using it desktop, try to go for any used unit that has sync docks available for it (unless you can use a 3D printer) as keeping it upright like that helps with the ergonomics. If anything, some docks tend to be too light (especially if the phone fits with a case on), so some Blutack on it will help. I used those with my S3 but this time I just use the S-Pen.
    If however you find something new but cheap that has sync docks available for it, go for it.
  11. kostaszag
    That Custom rom is the culprit. Many of them have no support for USB-Audio. go back to 5.1.1 and you are good to go. 
  12. zekioflo
    Looking for a source for my Chord Mojo here in Dublin.
    I am looking for and Android 5.0 at least with microSD slot up to 200Gb.
    Any advise for something near 50€? If you have a link I will be very happy!
  13. Sound Eq
    i am looking for high end quality cales

    1- 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable short angled cable ( 10 cm in total length including the connectors )- braided
    2- micro usb to micro usb otg braided 10 cm including angeled connectors
  14. Fungus
    I have a centrance dacport lx with is supposably a dacport (dac/amp) but without the dac section. 
    However after doing some research, the dacport lx does actually contain the same amp inside but is buffered. 
    So from my laptop windows 7 or my android lg g3 phone with my headphones directly plug without an amp, the buffered amp section of the dacport lx is automatically on max and so with the absence of a volume control, is adjusted via the digital control on the laptop /android device.
    Howeve with the dacport lx connected to a headphones amp, the same digital control is present that effects the volume the same way.
    So how do I know for sure that the amp connected to the dacport lx is not just double amping the buffered amp section of the dacport lx instead of completely bypassing the amp section.
    I am using the usb audio player pro because my lg g3 doesn't support usb otg native.  
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