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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. shuto77

    Thank you, sir!

    I've had success with Sandisk and Sony micro SD cards. I've also read that Samsung's cards are quite reliable.

    Do you try to stick to Sandisk or are any other brands acceptable?

    I know any other brand I haven't mentioned is probably unreliable, from what I've read.
  2. MikeyFresh

    I've had no issues at all with a Lexar 633x 128GB microSDXC in a Lumia 822 Windows Phone for over a year now.
    Lexar is Micron, a trusted brand that makes their own flash cells, high quality stuff.
  3. s4tch
    just chiming in to share some good news: i'm in the android 6.0 beta test program for xiaomi mi3/mi4. installed the latest beta mm rom today, and i'm happy to report that besides hibymusic, basically all media players (tidal, bubbleupnp, vlc, etc) support playback via usb with this rom. i have a denon da-300usb and it works like a charm. i'm a happy panda now.
  4. shuto77

    Ok, good to know, thanks.

    I try to be careful when it comes to storage. I was burned by a cheap external hard drive once.
  5. legcramp
    Copied my post from Mojo thread:
    Super happy with my super cheap transport stacked with my Mojo using the slimmer dual lock. 
    I purchased this Sprint Moto E 2nd Gen with a microsd slot. It has NATIVE Android USB audio so you don't need UAPP to listen from the Mojo. Google Music works just perfectly like on my Nexus 6. It's on sale right now too for $39.99 shipped:
    IMG_20160112_225527.jpg ]
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  6. Peridot
    That's really helpful, thanks.
    I've managed to resurrect my S3, but having some problems with the micro USB connection. If cleaning it up doesn't work, I'll replace it with a  Moto.
    Ya the Motorola phones work and sound great, better than the Mojo IMO....
  8. RamblerBoy
    how is os though? do you experience any lag with large sized cards?
  9. RamblerBoy
    motorola is better than the mojo as in? you mean sound quality? would you mind explaining why? i am asking because i am having plans to get a mojo and it would be great to read you opinion.
  10. REXNFX
    I dont like the Mojo, i find it robs the music of fluidity and grip. YMMV
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  11. cattlethief

    Get a grip!
  12. psikey
    Nothing sounds better than a Mojo up to double its price range !! So bemused by some comments. 
    With my new case and using thin Sticky Fixers for a really strong/thin bond. Prefer to have this orientation to guard Mojo buttons from accident pressing and sits good. Phone is Z5C with 128GB microSD.
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  13. legcramp

    The OS is great since it's almost stock Android. Motorola is my second favorite company to use for Android just under Google devices since they don't add much bloat to the os.I haven't tried large files through my sd card yet (Samsung Evo 64gb); I will report back though.
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  14. shuto77
    Can you confirm if this phone can accommodate a 200gb card? I'll gladly sell this used Galaxy S4 for something a little smaller. 
    I know stock Android should be relatively safe, but I know good OTG implementation can never be taken for granted. 
  15. seraphism
    Hello guys, iv been looking at the oppo ha 2 to use with my galaxy note 3. I was considering the lg v10 but I'm perfectly happy with my note 3 except for the sound quality lol. Anyway, I had the pleasure of picking up some blue mo fi headphones quite cheap. Would the galaxy note 3 > oppo ha 2 > blue mo fi be a good combo? Or is it overkill. If I'd have known about the ha 2 I'd have gone for that instead of the mo fi. I'm really looking for a way to bypass the audio on my note 3 completely. Any help would be great. Thanks guys :)
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