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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. MadDane

    I went yo the Buffalo site, but it doesnt say weather you can use a DAC. Do you know personally if this will work? It's a great price at @ $24.


  2. DanBa
    Sorry, I do not know personally if this will work.
    "USB devices can be used while charging the Windows / Android tablet."
    USB devices = USB peripherals (USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB DAC, etc …).
    The question is rather the following: is your smartphone / tablet fully compliant with USB specification, more precisely compliant with ACA / Battery Charging specification v1.2 (BC v1.2)?
    "The mobile device identifies that the docking station is capable of supporting ACA-Dock Mode by sensing the RID_A value. Standard RID_A value as per the BC v1.2 specification is 124 kΩ. Some OEMs support proprietary RID_A Values. For example, some Samsung mobile devices support RID_A of 71 kΩ - 74 kΩ."
    "A USB OTG Android device is configured to USB host mode supplying or drawing power, or USB peripheral mode by ACA/OTG software/hardware measuring the value of the ID resistance of the USB interface.
    According to the value of the ID resistance [RID_A]
    . the Android device should act as a USB host, interwork with the USB DAC acting as a USB peripheral, and supply power to the bus-powered USB DAC
    . the Android device should act as a standalone USB peripheral, and draw power from an external battery
    . the Android device should act as a USB peripheral, interwork with a USB host, and draw power from an external power source
    . the Android device should act as a USB host, interwork with the USB DAC acting as a USB peripheral, and draw power from an external battery or another external power supply."
  3. RamblerBoy
    1) will flashing cyanogenmod enable otg support in devices that do not originally support it out of the box?
    2) i am looking for a cheap sub 100$ android to use as transport for the chord mojo. any suggestion?
  4. shuto77
    Has anyone bought one of those refurbished S4s from Amazon via FreedomPop? They're going for $97 via Prime. Sounds like a good deal as long as they don't require a subscription to turn on.

    I'm just using this as a transport.
  5. Peridot
    Can anyone with knowledge of the Moto E LTE confirm whether it supports Android audio over USB OTG.
    I know USB APP etc., work, but I also need Spotify / Tidal to work with a FiiO E18.
  6. Peridot
    To answer my own question in case it's of interest to others -
    I installed 'back-to-n00t' on my i9300 and now have a 4.4.4 based ROM that TIDAL likes.
    It's working beautifully for USB audio out from native Android and from USB APP / Onkyo HF Player etc.
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  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    In other news, I'm bringing sexy back!

    Picked up a Galaxy S4 today on eBay for $100 AUD = $70 USD. Fully functional.

    Going to rebuild my Tralucent DacAmp One rig again, but this time the S4 is black, not white like the last one.
  8. RamblerBoy
  9. SonofKalas
    can anyone confirm if the galaxy s4 works with 512gb sdxc cards?
  10. NZtechfreak

    If formatted Fat32 it should, I've used 2tb drives with mine when I had one.
  11. h1f1add1cted
    Yes I use a regular 256 GB SD card FAT32 no problem for my Samsung Galaxy S4:
    Since the 512 GB SD cards now on lower prices (here around 235 Euro for a Kingston 512 GB SD card) I want to switch to 512 GB soon, I don't see any problem with 512 GB since 256 GB works perfect. SDXC standard goes up to 2 TB and as long its FAT32 it never should be have any problem.
  12. SonofKalas
    perhaps I should have specified through an sd to sdmicro adapter. that was via OTG I assume? that hardly helps as the source makes a difference in how the thing is indexed
    can someone confirm 512 gb sd through an SD to SDmicro adapter for the galaxy S4?
  13. SonofKalas
    just because the sdxc format supports it doesn't mean it will work with the phone. for example the s5 can take 128 but not 256
  14. h1f1add1cted
    Please see my pictures on top. I use a SD to microSD adapter and it works fine with 256 GB, soon I switch to 512 GB. How do you formated the 256 GB SD card with the S5 or with a tool on a regular PC?
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