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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Speaking of Neutron, on my Galaxy Note 3 + Geek Out 1K;it outputs only up to 24/192.

    Let me check further again...
  2. dainesefreak
    Wish I'd seen your post a couple of days ago.
    I've just picked up a D-Zero MK2 off Ebay and after emailing iBasso support found out that I can't stream from Tidal through it. The most annoying part is I nearly bought the E18, but I found a mint used iBasso for £60.
    Looks like that's going to be £60 on top of the E18. [​IMG] 
  3. shuto77
    What music players do people like the best around here? I think Rocket Player is decent, but open to other suggestions.

  4. h1f1add1cted
    Go to Neutron settings > audio hardware, you need to enable the direct USB driver, close the app after it will work, I tried few weeks ago, but I still prefer UAPP because of the tweaks and glitch free use of any USB dac I own. For regular playback Neutron > All other music apps IMHO.
  5. DanBa
    Phone: Galaxy Note 3
    Neutron request:
    UAPP request: 
    If you did the appropriate setting, I think your USB DAC is not "recognized" by Neutron (i.e. not compatible with the USB audio soft driver of Neutron) for the time being.
    "Debugging USB DAC (if crashing or not recognized)
    by dmitrykos » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:30 am
    Since 1.68.0 version on Android platform Neutron provides ability to output to USB DAC directly if corresponding option is switched on.
    That option is named [Direct USB Driver] and is located in [Audio Hardware] section of Neutron's settings. By default [Direct USB Driver] is switched off and the audio routing is done via OS with standard Android's format limitation.
    If you switch on [Direct USB Driver], attach USB DAC (or it was attached) and Neutron crashes or nothing happens in Audio Hardware dialog (device name not changed, Frequency section shows just one frequency) then most probably your USB DAC has non-standard USB descriptor which has bug (majority of Fiio devices has buggy USB descriptor). Neutron is trying to be fault tolerant but it is impossible to foresee all possible situations, thus your help is really appreciated.
    To help in debugging please provide the USB descriptors dump which can be obtained by several Windows tools. It would be great if 3 dumps are provided:
    1) By USB View Microsoft's utility which comes with Windows SDK (here is latest version from Windows 10 SDK: http://neutronmp.com/download/tools/usbview.exe). Point to your DAC in the list -> navigate to File -> Save Current View... -> you will get TXT file with dump.
    2) By Thesycon's USB utility (http://www.thesycon.de/eng/usb_descriptordumper.shtml, download: http://www.thesycon.de/tdd/tdd.exe). Choose your DAC from the list -> File -> Save to file ... -> you will get TXT file with dump. It can be useful to have HEX version as well, for that: Options -> Show Hex Dump -> -> Save to file ... -> you will get TXT file with dump.
    Please post here your txt descriptors along with device (USB DAC) model. You can use quotes CODE
      to post them in a separate area for easier reading.
    Or if you do not want to post on forum, please e-mail to neutronmp@gmail.com."
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Thanks. it's not recgnizing the iFi iDSD nano
    I'll have a look at it during the holidays.
  7. h1f1add1cted
    The Neutron USB direct driver does not work with my micro iDSD too. Only with UAPP it works fine. I think it will take time that Neutron will support they same amount of USB DACs as UAPP does already.
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Yeah UAPP and Onkyo work fine. Hiby works and is the most beautiful but the eq is just too damn hard to see, Seriously...white on.... white[​IMG] A dark theme would do wonders for that app
  9. koez
    Will be Wileyfox Swift work with fiio e17k?
    p.s Wileyfox Swift does not support otg
  10. imeem
    woot just got my usb otg cable! Fiio e17 working fine with my Note 4 exynos. tried HF player and HibyMusic. BTW does hiby also downsamples to 41/48 khz? Also, has anybody notice that one app tends to be louder than the other and sometimes they decide to switch? 
  11. gtb75
    The E18 works with both of my Marshmallow devices.  Also, I upgraded my Nexus 7 to 6.0.1 (was running 6.0 before - just like my X Pure) today and that didn't fix the issue with the iBasso either.  
  12. willywill
      Never had a problem with the E18, i bought the E18 two years to use it with the Samsung Galaxy S3, since then
    i moved on to the Note 3, 4 and now i only use it with my son Nexus 7 (2013) to stream music from Google Music and Tidal.
      Quick Reminder not all cable are the same, the micro usb cable that came with the Fiio won't work with the Note 4 and PHA3.
    So if your having problem connecting a DAC to a phone try a different cable.
  13. dainesefreak
    Thanks for the replies guys. I've now got Tidal working with the iBasso by using UAPP, which is a bit limiting but it'll do until after Christmas as I think I've talked myself into some Dunu DN-2000J's. :grinning:
  14. defbear
    I thought that all OTG cables would have the same pinouts. Different quality of cable etc. But isn't otg always otg? I have a few otg cables, all from different vendors. I am going to experiment and report back. But again, I thought all otg cables should behave.
  15. dainesefreak
    Anyone compared the iBasso D14 and FiiO E18?
    I'm swaying towards the D14 but I can get the FiiO for a fair bit less.
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