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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. miyagi1
    I can confirm that the z5 premium works with my yggdrasil dac using the onkyo hf player.
  2. thejammonster

    John from JDS Labs told me in an email that their ODAC and C5D use the same USB hardware. My 6P works with my C5D with this cable:


    At least one other person on this thread has said that this cable did NOT work for them, so no guarantees.
  3. DarkerStars

    Which is ok if all you care to do is play Music. Nothing else.

    Seriously hope Samsung jumps on fixing this issue with Android 6. Or the other way around. Funny how things work fine before they add native dac drivers.

    Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  4. Sound Eq
    that is so weird as i tried the ifi on my note 3 and it works fine but now with the z5p
  5. DanBa
    What else might we expect from a music player?
    I personally expect clean music streams provided by a music player to a USB DAC from lossless music files.  
    It is the case with USB Audio Player PRO (UAPP), because contrary to generic music players it does not use the native Android media player framework among other stuff.
    More, the third-party USB audio function developed by the UAPP team is the most compatible with USB DACs for the time being.
    And last but not least, the UAPP developer team can be contacted.
    What I personally expect to watch movies on the go (vacation …) is an upcoming appropriate VR video player.
  6. NZtechfreak
    Yep, I think some of the demands levelled at UAPP are bit over the top. Does local play, network play, UPnP play, Tidal, Google Music and Qobuz via Bubble UPnP and this while extending the native capabilities of Android's USB audio support. Like any app we can always want more functionality and more refinement, but we've been getting that from the developer with a constant stream of value-added updates. You want specific things? Give the developer direct feedback in the thread I started, chances are pretty good that unless your requests are ridiculously niche they will get around to implementing those improvements at some stage down the line.
  7. shuto77
    In looking at this thread, it seems that, due to the different variations of Android and the various phone makers, that compatability with USB DAC/amps is spotty.

    Is there any chance that the widespread adoption of USB C could alleviate this issue?

    I feel like this is a missed opportunity on Google's part. I think they should do more to ensure these devices all work properly.
  8. gtb75
    I have a Moto X Pure and a Nexus 7 2013, both running Marshmallow, and can't get my iBasso D-Zero MK2 to output any audio with either of them.  I have tried multiple apps (Google Play Music, Tidal, etc) and multiple USB OTG cables (iBasso, Lindy, etc) but get no audio regardless.  The apps appear to be playing, and will pause when I turn off the D-Zero, but no audio output from the DAC no matter what I try on either device.  Both devices were working fine with it when they were running Lollipop.  The D-Zero still works fine when connected to a device running Lollipop or a PC.  I figured it was an isolated issue with my Nexus 7 (since it's older), but it clearly isn't since I'm having exactly the same issue with my Moto X Pure now that it is running Marshmallow (as of yesterday).  
    Any thoughts / suggestions?   
  9. shuto77

    I'm finding my HTC One M8 running 5.0.2 is sometimes spotty.

    I'm also learning the order in which you connect the devices has a part in this too.

    A factory reset ultimately solved my problem. Once you confirm the otg cables or the USB input isn't the issue, I would try the factory reset.

    Let us know how it goes.
  10. chowboofay
    "Powered by HiBy" means HiBy provides technical support.
  11. chowboofay
    How much will the dac cost? -A fixed price has not been announced. 
    What files does it play? -It supports APE, WAV, WMA, Wma Lossless, FLAC, DSD, DFF, ISO, Aiff, M4A, MP2, MP3, AAC, OGG, CUE.
  12. spanner
    Does anyone know if Viper4Android would add USB DAC support to Android ROMs that don't work natively with USB DACs? My Galaxy S4 Cyanogenmod 12.1 based ROM works with UAPP, but not natively. The documentation doesn't specifically say either way.
  13. gtb75
    FYI - I heard back from iBasso support that there are known issues with the D-Zero MK2 and Marshmallow.  I asked about a firmware upgrade for the unit and they said the VIA USB chipset in the DAC can't be upgraded.  They said their D14 does work with Marshmallow (and has firmware that can be upgraded), so it looks like a new DAC is in my future - probably the D14 or E18.  
  14. DarkerStars
    The TABLET, or the PHONE, is NOT just a Music Player. You can play Movies, Youtube Video's, Netflix, Play Video Games and much More. You obviously don't understand what I am saying. UAPP is ONLY a Music Player, That is its Primary Function and it is its Primary Failure. I don't use this, and millions of others around the world also do not only use these devices to JUST listen to music. 
    Android before 5, had no issues controlling all USB DAC's, Well not all but Most. Tablets like the Nexus 7 have been used over and over and over for in car installations. Lots of people who don't have Smart TV's or what not, use their Devices to connect to their TV's to watch Netflix, Hulu, Etc. We've been using USB DAC's this way, Much longer than UAPP has been around. We were not restricted to only listening to music. Now we are, unless we decide to use a cheap 5 dollar Analog Out Unit. But I'm not the only one that has Digital Out DAC's we've used for Surround Sound, SPDIF DSP Output, etc. 
    So what are we supposed to do? You say UAPP shouldn't have anymore functions, because you don't expect more from a Music Player? I don't expect a Music Player at all. I expect a fix for ALL AUDIO. UAPP Instead of being a strict music player, could have been a driver, much like what people put in Kernels to control certain devices like the Wolfson DAC in Exynos Devices to enhance the high end built in audio, or other things like Chainfire does to enable USB OTG on Nexus 7 Devices. That way the Tablet or Phone, is not restrictive to JUST A MUSIC PLAYER... 
    I hope that was a little more clear. 
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
    [​IMG] I'm eyeing this phone!
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