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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. aeneas1
    yes, i understand this, different versions of android, different external dac models, different tablet hardware, different software, etc., etc.... i was just hoping that there was a a depository of some sort where those that have had success posted their working combos, i mean clearly folks have had success, but i guess this doesn't exist, alas...
  2. aeneas1
    looks like this is what i was searching for....
  3. DanBa
    Updated list:
    A list of stock Android-powered devices reportedly interworking with compatible USB DAC:
    stock Android device > digital USB audio out >> USB DAC >> amp >> headphones

  4. mdiogofs
    Does the Sony Walkman app for Android ( in Z3 smartphone ) bypasses the Android limitation of 16-bit and sample rates of 44100/48000Hz max output at headphone jack and at USB OTG output?
  5. LajostheHun
    Yes on both.
  6. SV_huMMer
    Are you sure it is true for headphone jack as well? 
    Are there any technical proofs of this? I know Z3 does support natively hi-res output to a USB DAC, but I've always thought internal playback is still downsampled to Android specs (just like UAPP does with its "Play through Android" mode.
  7. LajostheHun
    The headphone output is only a guess, since there is no third party verification for it, but based on Sony's newly found commitment on HR it is a good guess. Having said that the headphone output like so many phones are rather compromised, not just by Android but by hardware and software, so if pure HR sound is what one looking for the USB output is the way to go.
  8. DanBa
    USB Audio Player Pro: Personal Audio Product of the Year
    "Okay, it has not officially been reviewed on EAN yet, but, boy, do I ever use USB Audio Player Pro. This $9.00 Android hi-res player features up to 32-bit/384 sample rate PCM and 2.8 MHz DSD playback when linked to a compatible a USB-input DAC. Plus, it decodes FLAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3, OGG, etc.
    It works with most noted Android tablets, and its transparent playback to your favorite DAC sounds aces. Rivals the computer player software. USB Audio Player Pro also contains playlist management features, EQ and several tweaks to assure smooth playback with different devices.
    What’s really handy is its portability. USB Audio Player Pro allows you to play super high res, such as 24/384 and DXD), without going through a computer.
    Thus, it is extremely portable. I have it installed on two Dell tablets and an Android Smartphone. I keep one in my main audiophile rig and one in my recording suite to monitor my home-brew 24/384 PCM guitar recordings. I also use an Android Smartphone and a Resonessence Concero HP for mobile hi-res listening.
    There are a few hi-res audio software players out there for smart devices to output hi-res audio via USB, but none that I have tried can touch USB Audio Player Pro."
  9. kawaivpc1
    HibyMusic supports all DACs, 32bit 382kHz PCM, and DSD128, DSD256 (in the upcoming ver 1.5), and it's FREE.
    So far, only 1000 users have downloaded HibyMusic app while HibyMusic clearly outperforms USB Audio Player Pro in every respect.
    They should have given this award to HibyMusic.
  10. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Sorry, not on my book.
    It doesn't fully support volume control on DACs having XMOS (which I have). 
    UAPP's UI is more intuitive, not the most beautiful, but I could find easly and plays the song I want. Not on the case as Hiby IMO. (For UI I like Onkyo better).
    Its robust, no frills (UAPP).
    A major plus only to Hiby is that it free. But at $9 for a player and we spend tons ($) for our HPs, IEMs, DACs, Amps, DAPs etc...
    Its a no brainer for me. To each his own taste :wink:
  11. Percival
    Hiby doesn't do folder playback or folder shuffle does it? Those are the main ways I play music, so it's useless to me if it didn't doesn't do those.
  12. kostaszag

    It does folder playback. I haven't tried folder shuffle, but why don't you just download it and try yourself? It is free after all...
  13. Percival
    I did, but it clashed with UAPP for the use of the DAC
  14. kostaszag

    Ah, I know the problem. When I want to use the Hiby I tap "Cancel" when UAPP asks for permission to use the USB-Device. It works.
  15. DanBa
    "Android 5.0 Lollipop supports USB DAC audio devices, we go ears-on:"

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