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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Bojamijams
    Can you confirm whether the Samsung S4 works with the non-Tiny version?
  2. earfonia
    I will try when I get Samsung S4 to try.
    Yesterday tested LG G Pro with Dr. DAC2 DX, and it works :D
    Using PowerAmp, I can play FLAC 24/96, but on Dr. DAC2 DX, the bit rate LED, whatever the bit rate I play, 44k, 48k, or 96k, it kept showing 48k only.  Maybe the player resample the bit rate ?
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  3. DanBa
  4. bangdomarkin
    Hopeful that the moto x will be capable without ARPRO...
  5. Davy Wentzler

    I am sorry, it is not going as fast as we all would like. I sometimes have to work on higher priority projects, even though I'd rather work on the service.
  6. Jappie
    Saw this in DanBa's list for the Galaxy Note 2: FiiO E07K Andes (USB DAC/amp): to be confirmed
    I have just received my E07K and connected it with an OTG cable to the Note 2, worked immediately using PowerAmp to play music :D
  7. DanBa
    As far as I know, most Galaxy Note 2 can work with the FiiO E07K USB DAC/amp; but some can’t.
    "My E07K works fine with my sons S3 but not with my note 2 ,would it be because His firmware version is 4.1.2 and mine is 4.1.1 ?"
    "We have tested E07K do work as DAC for GALAXY S3 and Note 2, but there are few users reported that they can't make it work. so the official reply can not state as " compatible " with Galaxy S3 and Note 2."
  8. DanBa
    MK808 Android Mini PC & HiFiMeDIY Sabre ES9023+TE7022 24/96 USB DAC
    "Out of curiosity I just plugged the dac into my MK808 running Finless 1.5a firmware - the dac was immediately recognised and sounds great with 16/44.1 material.
    I'm running XBMC media player for android and have a ton of music stored on a NAS, so all in all I have a great wireless music server with ES9023 dac that cost me about £80!!!!!!!"
    music files stored on a NAS >> network >> XBMC Media Player for Android running on MK808 > digital USB audio out >> HiFiMeDIY Sabre
  9. Craigerz
    So guys...

    What's the best bet right now for the GS4? Just wait for the E18?

    Sent from Beanstown, USA.
  10. jasonb
    E17 works with the S4.
  11. ZeNmAc
    Anyone else get the new nexus 7 working?  Any kernals etc out there that work?  I really want to get one, but unfortunately being stuck with usb audio recorder pro is a deal breaker for me.
  12. UnknownAX
  13. Davy Wentzler

    Although understandable since the app was not made for this, I wonder though. Is a kernel with 16-bit audio maxed at 48kHz no deal breaker? Would my upcoming USB audio service help?
  14. SV_huMMer
    Dear eXtream,
    Your USB audio service is definitely a great thing, and we're all waiting for it with great impatience!
    And I think it would be even more useful if you could make a brief description of what this service would allow users to achieve, e.g. use any player software (or would it?), play any file types including those not supported by UARP, such as lossy music (mp3 etc) and "exotic" lossless like wv, ape etc (or would it?), play .cue and other playlist types (or would it?), etc.
    For noobs like me at least, it would be extremely helpful! I can't say, for example, that I have good understanding about how a service in android works and what are ways and restrictions for interaction between apps and services.
    Sorry if I am asking obvious things, but they're not for me! 
  15. Davy Wentzler
    No problem, I'll explain once more.
    What it is NOT:
    The service will not enable USB audio playback for just any app.
    What it is:
    The service can enable USB audio playback for apps that will support the service. App authors need to write some code to support this new service. For instance, PowerAmp could use the service. The question of which file types and cuelists you can play then simply depends on the app that will support the service.
    After or before release I'll just contact all popular media player app authors to ask if they want to support this service. And after release, you can all do the same for your favourite app if they have no support for it yet.
    If you have further questions, please let me know! :)
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