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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. tobyblh
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Resetting the tablet doesn't fix the problem,[​IMG]
    I guess it is because the DAC upsample everything to 32bit and the tablet doesn't support it.
    Is there anywhere I could find the older version of USB AR which allows me to adjust the bit rate for testing?
  2. Twinster

    *** UPDATE***

    After reading a post from the iBasso D42 someone mentioned that he was able to fix the fast forward play back on his Samsung S3 by enabling the USB Debugging mode under development options. Now I'm able to use all my application (not only U-ARP) including streaming my music from my Logitech Squeezebox server. I'm very happy now. :^P
  3. DanBa
    Great news!
    As you are living in Canada, I suppose your Galaxy S3 is powered by Snapdragon as the Galaxy S3 of Benny-x and the Galaxy S4 of his brother.
    So far, we have:
    . Snapdragon-powered S3 using USB Audio Recorder PRO is working with ALO Pan Am or with iBasso D42
    . Snapdragon-powered S3 using native USB Audio doesn’t work with ALO Pan Am or with iBasso D42
    . Snapdragon-powered S3 using native USB Audio with USB debugging mode enabled is working with ALO Pan Am or with iBasso D42
    Quad core Snapdragon-powered S4 has the same behaviour than dual core Snapdragon-powered S3 towards iBasso D42.
    I don’t understand what happens with USB Debugging mode enabled
    Normally, as far as I understand, there is no direct relationship between the USB Debugging and the native USB audio implementation:
    "What is USB Debugging?
    ‘USB Debugging’ is a mode of your Android phone which can be activated after connecting your phone directly to a computer using a USB cable. With this mode, you can create connection between an Android phone and another computer with Android SDK in it. If you don’t know what SDK is, it stands for Software Development Kit. As the name suggests, this is a software which can help you develop new Android apps.
    Therefore, with help of USB Debugging mode, you can establish a direct connection between your Android phone and a computer to make it available for deeper level actions. For some versions of Android, the USB Debugging mode is termed as Developer Mode as well."
    When the USB Debugging mode is enabled on  the S3 / S4, may be the timing of the transmission of some USB messages is positively modified.
  4. Twinster

    Confirming it is the Snapdragon version. Also it takes a few second of playback to adjust in the Debugging mode. The first time I play the song it was fast then normal but after about 5 second it played back fine.

    I'm suspecting that my Centrance DACmini & DACport will also work now. I'll report when I have time to try it.
  5. Benny-x
    HAHA, that's awesome news, Twinster! Yeah, there's a little stutter step in the beginning sometimes, but it connects. Sometimes after being connected, stopped, turned off, but dac not disconnected, and then turned back on it'll go back to the fast-forward problem, but a quick unplug + debug on->off->on fixes it. Your update was exactly what I was hoping to hear, though. Now I hope all kinds of people can see this and try it out on all of their phones and DACs that needed U-ARP to function. 
    Here's a copy of my post from the D42 thread. 

  6. jcagara08
    I want put my opinion on the fast forward playback of the s3 and s4 (as a Nexus 4 owner that is LOL)
    I think why it is giving a weird playback is because you have to manually select the bit rate and sample rate manually say if you have a FLAC file which is 16-bit and 44.1 khz only, USB recorder pro app does not automatically select the output rates during pre-playback, it has to be manually set otherwise if the said FLAC file was set on 24bit and 96khz, it would bring about faster playback and this is what I have found during my initial setup with the Nexus 4 complicated workarounds.
    maybe our fellow eXtream can comment on this.
    just my 2 cents
  7. DanBa
    Yet another Android phone with USB debugging mode enabled can work with USB DAC:
    . Tegra 3-powered HTC One X using USB Audio Recorder PRO is working with FiiO E07K
    . Tegra 3-powered HTC One X using native USB Audio doesn’t work with FiiO E07K
    . Tegra 3-powered HTC One X using native USB Audio with USB debugging mode enabled is working with FiiO E07K
  8. pappy97
    I would love to use USB Audio on the Nexus 10 such that I can use it when it is playing music from google play music, or locally through the stock music player (or another good android music player), NOT through USB Audio Recorder Pro.

    I have a Nexus 10 and a Verizon Note 2, both stock unrooted, and it's frustrating because the only way I can enjoy USB Audio on those is with USB Audio Recorder Pro.  I have two USB DACs, Hifimediy Sabre and Fiio E07k.

    Since my Verizon Note 2 is from work, that leaves my Nexus 10 which I could root, unlock, and load a recovery and a ROM (well I have a touchpad with 4.2.2 rom, but I can't even get the device to recognize that a USB audio device is plugged in, but I really want this on my Nexus 10). Is there a ROM right now (or a kernel that I use with the stock ROM) that has full support of USB Audio so any DAC I plug in via USB (With USB OTG cable, of course) will work for any audio coming from the Nexus 10, not just using that USB Audio Recorder Pro app?

  9. bixby
    This old ipod user is seriously considering using Android for tunes.  
    A few quick questions, will USB Audio Recorder Pro play my .aif files?
    If not and I decide to just play them via Power amp  on my Google Nexus S phone will the Voodoo mod (via new ROM) sound fairly good with the dac circuit in the Nexus?  I plan to use relatively efficient Westone UM-3X iems.
  10. Benny-x
    You're a little off in what I meant about the fast-forward part.
    When U-ARP is used with the S3 or S4 there is no fast-forward issue, it works fine this way, but is confined to only functioning fine in the app. I used with both 16/44.1 & 24/96 tracks no problem. 
    The problem comes when you connect a usb-DAC(at least the D42) to the S3 or S4 directly, then it's recognized but only plays music (flac or mp3) in fast-forward. Once enabling USB-Debugging mode this is solved and it works fine with whatever file type the app supports. At least that is what I've found so far.
  11. Benny-x
    The voodoo mod only works on phones with wolfson DACs, as far as I have found. And it's been older ones also, like pre Ice Cream Sandwich, but anyone fell free to correct me if I'm wrong there. 
    As for playing .aif, U-ARP only works with .flac for now, but that is only if you're going to be using an external DAC, and that's a whole different ball game than what it looks like you're talking about. If you're going down that route then you'd need to have look at that list that DanBa has been compiling and look for Android phones and DACs that work together WITHOUT U-ARP. Then have a look at the files that Android supports, just google it and see if .aif is one. If it is then you're good to go either DAC'd or no DAC. Make sense?
  12. jcagara08
    Well that was what I have found to be an issue on the Nexus 4, maybe it is an isolated case IMHO depends on which handset used and USB DACs compatibilities.
  13. bixby
    thanks Benny.  I did a lot more reading last night and while my Nexus S is a good candidate for the voodoo mod, I also read that aside from being louder some community members felt it did not bring much else to the party.  I was intrigued by what I read about Neutron player though and yup it supports aif along with a few other android programs like poweramp.
    But in the end I think I will be still supporting two worlds, since my Nexus Si is only 8gb max.  I will just keep the phone for more phonely duties and grab a new ipod touch and be done with it.
    Who knows maybe in a year I'll be trying a small tablet and some outboard dac.  I still have my big rig for speaker listening.  These are great discussions here and a wealth of info!
  14. nnotis
    I've had an AT&T version of the Optimus G Pro for a few weeks now.  I'm happy to report that it works marvelously as an audio playing device.  USB audio on the S3 worked well, but would occasionally throw out rather distracting pops.  No ROM or kernel I tried made any difference.  The OGP also benefits from a huge battery.  Running an audio player with the screen off drains it extremely slowely.  
    Other little tidbits:  Apparently, its screen on time isn't nearly as good as that of the Note 2.  It's much better than the S3 though.  Its LCD screen is astoundingly good.  The bootloader is locked, but a guy on XDA has almost hacked that, so custom ROMs aren't far off.  If you hate Touchwiz like me, you might find LG's skin to be more paletable.  I sure do.  It can also be unlocked for use on T-Mobile.  I even get LTE with it in Seattle.
  15. jasonb
    A few weeks ago I reported that the GS4 works with the E17, just simply plug and play with no USB audio recorder pro app required. I had tested it on wifi, and 3G, and reported that 3G was dead silent, and that wifi made some light interference with the E17. Well tonight I was sitting at home bored and decided to drive a few miles down the road where there is a 4g signal, I can finally report that the E17 is dead silent with Verizon 4G LTE on the GS4. I was a bit worried that there would be some interference from the 4G signal, but I did not hear any noise at all.   
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