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Android: Neutron Music Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by drtone, Aug 11, 2011.
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  1. PsiCore
    Nope, still scans only the phones sdcard.
    The USB's sd card is of course the same format as the phone's one (both formatted by the phone: in the meantime by HTC 10).
    Strangely the phone's browser reads the usb sd card.
    Maybe Neutron has a tricky option which I missed?
  2. BLmusic
  3. BLmusic
    I am new to Neutron and I am not able to play the DSD files, need help as to what I need to do for the settings.
    Thanking you in advance. Burt
    If dsd no sound on ext dac, then set vol max on Neutron. If you got no sound on Neutron, I have no help
    Try install Neon cpu versoin on neutron page(not gg play market)
  6. Romis
    Any opinions regarding neutron vs foobar ?
  7. Rioter
    I have tried both. Foobar interface isn't to my like. Neutron isn't great but still better. And I prefer sound of Neutron.
    Last versions of Neutron has hi-res but there is a long way before it works as intended. I can't get hi-res from my HTC 10 - tried all combos of Generic driver options. Still 48/16.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Foobar has better interface.

    Neutron is miles ahead on its DSP options.
  9. k4syx
    I own every single Android app that counts and only two of them are really worth buying, without having another thought are Neutron and UAPP.
    UAPP is nice and has good/very good SQ, as long as you're purist hating DSP/EQ.

    But if you're not: go for Neutron, IMHO and to my ears it beats any other player including PC Foobar2000, JRiver and HQplayer (though to be fair I never got the time and nerve to setup EQ in the last one).

    My 2 rigs used for evaluation:
    Mobile: DragonFly Red or Mojo ->modded AKG K7XX, B&O H6 2nd Gen and Sennheiser IE800.
    Bedroom: Gustard X20Pro->LST TS->Abrahamsen v2.0up->Stax SR-007MK1 and SR-009

    Basically if you have any kind of external DAC, Neutron (or UAPP if youre purist) is way to go.
    If you dont - just buy one already!
    jasonho and Hawaiibadboy like this.
  10. Romis
    UAPP now has parametric EQ but no evaluation version as long as I see.
  11. k4syx

    Yes it does, it's not expensive and I bought it of course, but there is nothing to write home about. EQ interface (while not he worst one I've seen) leaves something to desire and above all EQ sq is just on par with standard band eq included with the app: not in the same league as Neutron's eq.
    AFAIR UAPP uses external eq plugin by some other software company.

    If I may digress: I have yet to find equalizer software with comparable quality (to Neutron's) for my Foobar on PC, as this is still something I am really missing.
    I've tried to convince Dmitry to sell PC version of Neutron, but he thinks it will be too easy to find it on torrent sites so the answer is no :frowning2:
  12. Rioter
    Finally, Neutron added hi-res output and after 3 updates it's working on HTC 10. Farewell 48 Khz resampling, now it's 44-192 Khz for me.
  13. jasonho
    When connecting to your Mojo/external DAC, does Neutron output in native (eg DSD output will show white color) or does it limited to 48khz like some other app?
  14. k4syx
    Native up to the hardware limits. You gotta enable direct output driver in config though and then it shines. Using Mojo with android system drivers is pointless, really :)
  15. Windforce0511
    Where can I see if hi-res is working?
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