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Android music App question/help

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ok-guy, Jan 18, 2014.
  1. OK-Guy
    Fellow Head-Fi'ers a request...
    I need help finding a Android music-app that can not only replay Hi-Res content but can also be used via the USB-Port from the Device
    Winamp doesn't work as it cannot work with USB audio... will DB-Poweramp or Neutron player work?
    There's a program called USB Audio Player which apparently works well up to 192KHz but It seems that many of the standard music players cannot access the USB port to send audio... any help or advice would be appreciated.
    All I want to do is play Hi-Res music via Android/Music App via USB into a DAC.
    As you can tell I'm complete no-nuts at this stuff.
  2. DanBa
    Winamp, running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, does work with USB audio:
    music file > Winamp music player running on stock Galaxy Note 3 > digital USB audio stream >> USB OTG cable >> Objective DAC (ODAC) >> SoundLab Neco V3 amp >> MrSpeakers Mad Dog
    Also, you are somewhat right to say that Winamp doesn’t work with Google Android-based USB audio, because Google doesn’t yet support USB audio.
    The Google requirement issue 24614 "Add support for USB Audio" is currently ranked 3 of 21833 (i.e. third most starred Google issue).
    (Star: Vote by clicking on the star (it appears after signing in))
    The beauty of Android is its free and open source.
    As Linux-based Android is free and open source, for the time being a lot of Android device makers, knowing and understanding audiophiles’ need, don’t have to follow blindly Google, and they have implemented the free and open source Linux ALSA USB audio on their flagship devices.
    The beauty of Android is also its compliancy with the open standards.
    In particular, Android is compliant with USB host standard.
    Third-party developers can write their own USB audio soft driver (at the user space, and not at the kernel space) interfacing the standard USB host API.
    Such a third-party developer exists: eXtream Software Development has developed USB Audio Player PRO / USB Audio Recorder PRO.
    To my ears, USB Audio Player PRO is the best sound quality music player at the moment.
    Native USB Audio (natively implemented by Android device maker on USB audio-enabled Android device) & eXtream USB Audio (on USB host-enabled Android device):
    The USB Audio Player PRO music player can play high resolution audio (up to 32/384) and forward high resolution audio PCM stream (up to 32/384) to an external high resolution audio-capable USB DAC.
    As far as I know, music players using the native USB Audio running on Android devices, except the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, can play high resolution audio music files, but can’t forward high resolution audio PCM stream to an external USB DAC. They can only forward 16-bit PCM stream to an external high resolution audio-capable USB DAC.
    Running on Galaxy Note 3, Winamp music player / Google Play music player / native Galaxy Note 3 music player can play high resolution audio and forward high resolution audio PCM stream  to an external high resolution audio-capable USB DAC.
  3. OK-Guy
    DanBa, a very sincere thank-you for this information... [​IMG]
  4. rudi0504
    Thank you Danba , i am also zero Nut With android USB like OK-Guy

    May i ask you , My Friend has done kernel
    what is kernel and how can i modify My Note 3 With This kernel to improve The Power , his Note 3 direct iem is lauder than My Note 3

    Thank you
  5. DanBa
    In case of bit-perfect audio, no digital volume processing should be done before the analog amplification.
    In case of bit-perfect USB audio, a digital volume processing should not be done by the Galaxy Note 3.
    "The European Union has demanded that MP3 player and mobile phone manufacturers decrease the volume on their output, in a concession to the risk of deafness."
    "How to Increase Volume of Samsung Galaxy Note 3?" (i.e. how to get rid of the EU volume limit by a hack mod?):
    Rudi, I don’t know the efficiency of the previous hack mod as I am taking the way of Android-based USB Audio.

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