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New Head-Fier
Jan 10, 2011
Hello, I have a question regarding portable android devices and headphones amps/DACs.
Everywhere I read I see people stressing the importance purchasing an LOD to bypass the iPhone/iPod onboard amp/DAC. For example, I have an iPod and an e7. I use the LOD between the two so the e7 receives the signal.
However, in my case, I own an HTC EVO 4G which I play MP3s through. I have searched everywhereeeee for resources on the subject and I cannot find any material dealing with LODs for phones like this. All the phone has is the standard 3.5mm headphone out, a mini USB port (used for charging and docking just as the iPhones) and a mini HDMI port (I doubt this has an application for music).
Do I need to like find a way to have USB to USB connecting or am is amping this phone hopeless?
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Martin J

Mar 28, 2011
this is also my dilemma if i want to use my fiio e7 as portable amp/dac..
however on the galaxy S , supercurio has released a kernel exploit that maximizes the Wolfson DAC and amping it up...this turns the galaxy S into a reliable DAC/AMP..pair it up it PowerAMP music player to play FLAC files.....
i dont know about the EVO but you can check it if it has a nice DAC and see if developers have exploited it already

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