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Android compatible (AHJ) in-line volume control cable

  1. briskly
    I'm looking for any detachable cable with a volume control that works with Android devices (Samsung S3 and later, and most other Android phones). The headphone pins do not matter. I know of the Sennheiser RCS 800 cable and Soul Samsung S cable; is there anything else?
  2. billybob_jcv
    Like this?

    Or do you want just a simple volume control?
  3. briskly
    Like the first one, but that volume control looks to be only iphone compatible.
  4. ieee754
    Have you tried Jays Headset Control app? It works perfectly with my Sennheiser Momentum remote control even though it's marketed for iDevices (and doesn't work with Android without this app).
  5. csglinux
    I’ve tried three cables which all work fine for Android phones and don't require any special software or apps to be installed. They are:
    Zee’s music Android-control cable (currently $60 + shipping):
    EarMax upgrade cable (currently $24.40 +  free shipping):
    Nocturnal audio pavo IEM replacement cable for Android and iOS (currently $99) :
    All three have volume controls, play/pause buttons and built-in microphones that work with Android phones.  Here’s a brief review of each:
    Zee’s cable: Sounds good (close to that of my Headphone Lounge silver litz reference cable). Certainly the lowest impedance of the three, but SQ differences are marginal with most cables anyway and for portable use, any of these cables would work fine. No memory wire, but it has memory plastic(?) with ear-loops with stiffened plastic covering that maintain their shape for wearing over the ear. The plastic sheath on the main cable itself is a bit too stiff and won’t lie flat. The 3.5 mm jack plug is bulky and the connection on mine is suspect - the sound cuts in and out if I wiggle the cable near the plug. The seal on the top of the plug is loose, but I suspect I can fix this with my soldering iron and some glue, but still, for $60+shipping, I shouldn’t really have to. FYI, the cable remote/mic unit is connected to the right earbud cable.
    EarMax cable: Thin, soft cable, with memory wire near the mmcx connectors. Less microphonic than the Zee’s cable. Small, neat 3.5 mm jack plug that looks to be better assembled than that on the Zee’s cable. Takes less space when folded up than the Zee’s cable. FYI, this has the exact same cable remote/mic unit as the Zee’s cable, but this one is in black and is connected to the LEFT earbud cable.
    Nocturnal audio pro IEM replacement cable: The interesting point about this cable is that the remote/mic unit supports both Android AND iOS. The remote has a switch on the back which you toggle accordingly. I tested it, and it works fine on both Android and iOS. But I’m not sure if this is a major selling point these days. Who really cares about Apple? Apple stopped caring about us when they acquired Beats and decided to drop the 3.5 mm headphone socket in order to force their customers to buy their ****ty headphones. Come September, this cable is only going to be good for legacy iOS devices. The cable itself is quite soft and it again has memory wire near the mmcx connectors. The only real downside to this cable is that the remote unit looks and feels really cheap - and it rattles when you move it. The cable remote unit is again connected to the right earbud cable.
    For portable use when I’m out and about with my Android phone, my favorite of the three is the EarMax cable, though if SQ were top priority, I might (maybe?) buy the Zee’s cable and some glue for the headphone plug.

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