ANC7 SQ vs ES7?
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Sep 18, 2007
Hey guys..

I've been trying to find a pair of AT ATH-ES7 or Denon AH-D1000 for quite a while and after not succeeding for a while I also added the "ANC7" to the "WTB" thread I made.... but with absolutely no idea how good they are compared to es7 [which is my primarily desired headphone right now] - as they're much less popular I guessed i'd fine ES7 before I've reached the point where someone actually offers me ANC7 - But that actually happened.. lol!

So now i gotta figure out if I should jump on it or wait a while longer for something else..

These phones will be used [currently unamped] with a creative ZVM, 90% for portable usage, I guess due to size [of all headphones that are not IEMs] they'll be used only for bus drives/train/airplane... or long trips with the family.. so I need good isolation and excellent out-side sound leakage [meaning that sound that leaks inside is not as important as sounds leaks outside - I don't share the same music preferences as my family]

I Listen to:

Mainly metal and rock, some I LOVE hearing clean highs and electric guitars, I don't like muddy bass and i'd rather have a very tight bass ['drummy' for lack of better term, I don't care much for bass in general, I only need a little warmth in the sound and that drums will be highlighted]

Comfortability could be a little compromised for SQ... though I wouldn't like to wear something that will actually pain me
as for looks, i'd rather be as less sticking out as I can.. so if the ANC7 are super bulky thats also something I need to consider..


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Originally Posted by aphexii /img/forum/go_quote.gif
would love to know the answer to this as well

I have the ATH-ANC7s and they are about the size and bulk of the Bose headphones, Q2 version. The ANC7s have been suggested to sound a bit like the HD580. I compared them with the Bose and the ANC7 are better and clearer. Do not listen to them without it's noise cancellation on.

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