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Ananda Loaner Tour

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  1. Gospel Guy
    I currently own several (dynamic) flagship headphones.
    I've never owned a planar, only one I ever auditioned was an early model Audeze.
    I'm very interested in seeing how the Ananda would compare with my dynamics.
    I live in North Carolina.
  2. Badas
    Very interested if it available.

    Auckland, New Zealand.
  3. Giullian

    I'm very interested in loaning those to compare with my current line up.

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia.
  4. buffer
    i have many Hifiman headphones and would be able to give an opinion about where this fits in the overall product line. I have 300b Tube amps and solid state so I can also give diverse impressions. But most importantly, at least to me, I am looking for a reasonable value and all-round performer. I have had great interest in hearing this headphone for some time.

    I live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  5. wormsdriver
    I'm interested in checking out the Anandas. I'm currently looking to buy a headphone in this price range so a home audition would be perfect!
    I live in McAllen,Texas USA.
  6. VilMo
    Another interested head-fier from Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Have been following the Ananda thread for some time. Had the chance to demo Ananda for 10-15 minutes but unfortunately in a very noisy environment (the foyer of a shopping mall where the local dealer stocked them). I could feel some magic, but the conditions were far from ideal.
    Coming from Grado 325is, Fidelio X2 and HE500, I currently own modified EMU Teak and am looking to planar technology for a complementary set. Will be glad to share my personal experience.
    Currently using highly musical but sufficiently resolving R2R DAC with built-in amp but and also Arcam rHead as external amp that I expect to drive the Anandas quite well.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  7. Wiljen
    I'd love to hear this one too, haven't had the chance yet.
    Kingsport, TN USA.
  8. Joong
    I like to try it out.
    Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
    I have had He400/400i/5le/500/6/560v2/v3, and LCD2.2/Th900/Nightwak/Nightowl/HD800.
  9. seamonster76
    Interested. I previously owned 500, 560 and HE6 and I'd love to compare these with my current Audeze mx4.

    I live in San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks!
  10. Bansaku
    Wow, a second HiFiMan tour! I am interested!
    Edmonton, Ablerta, Canada
  11. mixman
    I am interested in the Ananda tour I already have several HiFiman hp’s I would like to compare it to. I am in North Brunswick, NJ.
  12. sz117
    I'm interested. I have used HE560 and HE400 in the past. I am located in New York, NY. Thanks!
  13. froes
    Hi, I am interested in joining the Ananda loaner program. I'm located in Saxonia, Germany.
  14. kingcro
    I would love to hear it!

    I live in a town nearby Rijeka, Croatia.

    I've heard good things about Ananda. That is why I wanna hear it. It seems like a nice pair of headphones and I am sure it sounds good. I will post my initial impressions when it comes to me.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for giving us the chance to try them out, very kind of you since rarely who is doing such things anymore.
  15. alxw0w
    Would like to hear them and compare vs he-560. City: Bialystok Country: Poland
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