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Analyzing Samsung UHQ Upscaler with measurements (on Galaxy Note 8 Exynos)

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by rafaelpernil, Mar 1, 2018.

Which UHQ Upscaler mode do you use on your Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8?

  1. Everything disabled

    10 vote(s)
  2. Bit upscaling

    6 vote(s)
  3. Bit and bandwith upscaling

    3 vote(s)
  1. fokta
    interesting topic.. since I just join Audiophile and also Note 8 user before.... i tried testing it myself
    for me, i find a slightly audio difference when using UHQ upscaling, feel like a really minor boost..

    not noticeable when using IEM, only some tricky effect when it's turn on, no difference when listen further. in conclusion, IMO, No difference in IEM, and when using Headphone (ATH M40x, no Amp).

    For mobile purpose, I always plug my IEM or Headphone to my note 8.
    Some how I understand and appreciate now, why major headphone create sub 100 ohm (or below 50 ohm) impedance to be easly drive by smartphone and the that's the major user are..
    just opinion though...
  2. abaniasad
    Thanks alot .that was a very professional experimentation and got amazing conclusions.
  3. bigshot
    What does "upscaling" mean? Is it some sort of signal processing that colors the sound? If it is, just use whatever sounds best to you. If it's just increasing the data rate, it won't do anything to improve the sound, it can only harm it.
  4. dazzerfong
    Unfortunately, I don't have any testing equipment so I can't contribute anything on that side.

    I used to use my S8 for listening to music, and can say the following things about it:

    1. I only have UHQ upscaler, and can't select which version it is (Galaxy S8, Exynos)
    2. Without EQ, adaptive sound or UHQ upscaler, some of my IEMs hiss badly.
    3. Without EQ or adaptive sound, UHQ upscaler audibly changes the sound. In my opinion, it's for the worse (adds a strange crossfeed-like effect). However, hiss is gone!
    4. If I move even one slider slightly on the EQ with UHQ on, the UHQ effect is 'effectively' disabled. However, what I noticed was that the hissing in my IEMs is gone.
    5. So what I do now, is enable UHQ, move the 16kHz slider up one notch, so I have effectively zero change to the dynamics and with no hissing!
  5. SoraNeko
    Hi, i'm pretty new to the forum, i started posting just today because of free time (finally XD) came across this post, just to say that, in my opinion, the UHD upscaler doesn't actively make a difference, while bandwith upscaling, more even in my opinion (i don't have the equipment to mesure it) makes the sound just harsh (using IEMs)

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