ampsandsound loaner program for Kenzie and Mogwai
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Dec 15, 2015
Hi Everyone,
This is our first post as sponsor and we wanted to make it special. We are excited to offer 1 ampsandsound Kenzie and 1 ampsandsound Mogwai for a loaner program.

Loaner Program Rules:
Send your full name, address as well as a telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me (Justin) at Please specify which you’d like to be send or if no preference. You’re welcome to PM me with questions but to be included I’ll need an email as well.
I will ship either a Kenzie or Mogwai (we will have a list for each). You will get the loaner for 1 week from the date of your receipt to use in your home with your system. After your one week is up, you must send it to the next loaner participant. Your will need to email the tracking info so I can pass it on to the next recipient.
You MUST write a review and post it in this loaner thread. It must be posted in the same thread as this announcement for the loaner program. Please do not post it somewhere else!
Once you have received the loaner, email me to let me know you have it and I will send the address for the next person.
Our loaner programs are USA only. We ship worldwide and offer all products is various specific voltages but for the purposes of this program it must remain US centric.
I can ship Tuesday to the first person who signs up.
Justin of ampsandsound
Kenize loaner list:
Completed   - Douger333 
Completed   - ngoshawk
Completed   - dpump
Completed   - Doctacosmos 
Completed   - T Bone  
btdk34 - Arrived 4/1/17 (hopefully enjoying
Mogwai loaner list:
Completed - yage 
Completed - heliosphann  
Completed - grizzlybeast 
Completed - swjones3
Completed - gandhisfist - On its way home. Thank you everyone for participating. 
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Dec 13, 2015
Excellent news! Thank you so much!
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Dec 13, 2015
Sent email to Justin yesterday about the Kenzie loaner. Haven't heard anything yet.

Your name is on the list, right below me. I will be sending you the Kenzie when I am done; which is after Douger333. Highly anticipated!
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Dec 26, 2012
@ampsandsound your website for the mogwei looks like this
Dont know why that tab for the Mogwei does that. 
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Jan 16, 2011
Pros: Power, clarity, exquisite detail, beautiful!
Cons: Price... Fair but not cheap... Really is a pro, nothing is cheap about this amp!

I have auditioned the Kenzie through the grace of ampsandsound company, owner Justin Weber. I had read some positive comments on the web so wanted to check this out at CanJam RMAF. I fell
in love with the Agartha amp, dual 300B tubes, $3600, driving Ether C Flows, but knew I have no immediate prospects of earning that much for recreation purposes. Justin suggested that the Kenzie 
would drive my Ethers as well as my Grados. I know Justin to be honest, and did not doubt him, but holy cow!
I played So Long, So Wrong by Alison Krauss and Union Station first... judging tone, detail and intricacy. A superb performance on all counts! If you don't know Alison, but you like angelic voices, you
need to hear her.  Next I jumped all in with Tran-Siberian Orchestra, Night Castle... I apologize if tour de force is a cliche to you, but I don't know a better term... It is a rock opera which is full of dynamics
and contrasts. It took me a while to enjoy it but it will grow on you if you open the door.
Next I listened to Big & Rich Greatest Hits, great country rock with contrasts.
I listened to my Grado PS1000, PS500, Mr. Speaker Alpha Dogs and Alpha Primes, and with each of them could not find a note or whisper less than perfectly performed.
If you consider soundstage important with headphones, it was perfectly done according to the ability of the music. I was surprised, I am actually a speaker guy and pay attention to a widespread 
display of the music with my large Tannoys.
The Kenzie elevates headphone listening to a standard worthy of competition with speakers. That is not easy for me to admit... I have a Bottlehead Smack amp for my Grados and a Van Alstine
Transcendance 8+ pre amp for tougher loads. They are still great but the Kenzie is stronger, beautifully. I need to sell some gear and will have my Kenzie soon.


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T Bone

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Jan 10, 2014
Sin City
I am eager to join this loaner program.  I have a dedicated vinyl / analog system that the Kenzie would pair with nicely.  I have a VPI turntable and a tube based Prima Luna Prologue pre-amp - the Kenzie tube amp would fit in nicely.  I'd like to see how the Kenzie drives my LCD-3 headphones - they need an amp with some 'oomph' to properly drive them.  

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