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Ampsandsound Kenzie/Mogwai Impressions

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  1. Guest12345

    Hi Jason, hi Douger,
    With regards to your shipping questions - shipping was through FedEx - it came up to $369 to Australia, so not cheap at all! I've used Fedex before so I chose to be safe rather than sorry. You might ask Justin to get a quote from another company, perhaps it'll come cheaper?
    Don't know about NZ taxation laws, but we've got import duties here as well, which I factored in to my own calculations.
    I am most certainly loving the amp, I've used it pretty much every day since I got it :)
    Best of luck whichever way you go, Jason!
  2. Jasonwaiheke
    So, I am very happy with my decision to go ahead with the Kenzie headphone amp. After a lot of research I figured that this amp is going to suit me perfectly. I have listened to a lot of very good quality gear over the years, but auditioning products is hard as I now live in New Zealand and the market is small so most retailers have limited stock of products and auditioning components is only possible from products from mainstream manufacturers. It is a little bit scary spending such a large amount of money on an amp that I have not physically listened to, but I have not heard anything but praise for his products and I am confident that my money is well spent.
    Whilst I was trying to decide between the Kenzie and the Mogwai I stumbled across the Kenzie Encore on the ampsandsound Facebook page. This is the Kenzie but with preamp capability so I will be able to partner it with my main solid state system so I will get an amazing headphone amp which was my objective, but now a great boost to my speaker system.
    Happy days
    Thank you to everyone on this site for the information and to Justin at Ampsandsound for his help.
  3. grizzlybeast
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  4. grizzlybeast
    So I have a few updates on the Mogwai,

    1. The input tube even the upgraded Tungsol 6SL7GT holds the amplifier back. I popped in a NOS Ratheon and the sound is a little clearer.
    2. The 8ohm speaker tap is where the magic is for good transient response, even with my 300ohm Atticus. The Vocals get pushed back a tad and the images become a little smaller but the decay is quicker and the Mogwai exhibits more control. The 650 sounds great through the 32ohm jack and I suspect an HD800 would too based on their respective impedance curves but everything else for the most part sounds better to me on the 8ohm speaker taps. It is a little less open and bloomy though so it is a slight trade off but all of the resolution that the Mogwai so wonderfully delivers is now accompanied by better separation and imaging.
    3. The upgraded caps to my ears and at this point unreliable memory was a worthy upgrade and opened the Mogwai up a bit I hear the tonal weight a little less dense, yet with better resolution.
    4. My fav tubes so far have been the KT150s in the Mogwai. BUT I can't use them because they short the amp and make it burn out. I have some Sophia's coming in and when I get them I will report to see if they get me close. So far all of the tubes I have tried are trade offs. The JJ KT77s are bright and grainy but extended in the treble with a linear midrange and bass. The stock tubes are warm and dark with punchy bass and warm/full mids but not as open and extended in the treble as the others. The Psvane KT88 MKII tubes are the most linear and open with no accentuations in any range but the bass lacks a little slam and extension and the treble is smooth yet not rolled off. The Psvanes sound the best for the most part but lack a bit of engagement and the slam/oohmph is missing to me a bit.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2017
  5. Luckbad

    PM me your shipping info and I'll send you some tubes to check out. We have similar tastes and my favorites were the 6H9C on input and 6P3S-E on output.
  6. grizzlybeast
  7. dmhenley
  8. grizzlybeast
    Dang it I am kicking myself. I just bought a pair.
  9. dmhenley
    Ah, sorry I was too slow. But I think you will be happy with them!
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Getting to review the new Kenzie Encore...ETA is late next week...so excited to hear what the improvements made on an already excellent amp!
  11. yagimax
    Great,..looking forward to the review.
  12. captkirk
    Can anyone advise if the Kenzie or Mogwai have a forward or laid-back sound presentation?

    I like detail and clarity, I just don't want it shoved in my face....
  13. Douger333
    My experience with my Kenzie driving PS1000 Grado, Mr Speakers Ether, Alpha Dogs or Primes is that it is neither, just blessedly musical and revealing!
    Have not heard MOGWAI...

  14. Luckbad
    They're both a bit different from one another, but neither would be described as forward. You can get a laid back presentation if you intentionally do so via tubes, as well as a bit more aggressive presentation with different tubes.
  15. vulcanprime
    So excited to getting the Mogwai Next week from Grizzlybeast :)

    Quick question, does a aftermarket power cord or interconnects make a big difference.

    I use amplifier surgery interconnects and I always thought they were decent but now I am not so sure, any thoughts?
    Luckbad likes this.
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