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Ampsandsound Kenzie/Mogwai Impressions

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  1. dmhenley
    Ok, so thankfully I pulled the sale (after minimal response), because I realized it was a mistake to sell the Mogwai. I'm currently putting together a more modest digital system for our living room, and considered funding with the sale - but, this is another story.
    Instead a grabbed a pair of Gold Lion KT88 for the Mogwai. It's early still, but these best every other tube I've used in this system.
    I'll follow up with more detail later, but my initial impressions match many of the reviews I've seen on these: clear, liquid mid-range, extended at both frequency extremes and solid imaging.
    My system - the goal was to put together a simple and affordable low power system that delivers plenty of tone, texture and drive into my Tekton Lore.
    Clearaudio Concept MM 'table, Parks Audio Budge phono pre (Telefunken 6922's) and the Mogwai with Sylvania input tube and the KT88's.
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  2. dmhenley
    Any recommendations for input tubes in the Mogwai?
    Nevermind....we've covered this!
  3. dmhenley
    Mogwai loaded with GL KT88 with the Yggdrasil and Bottlehead SEx headamp.
  4. Luckbad
    My preferred setup on the Mogwai is 6N9S Melz metal base for the input and 6P3S-E (cryo matched not for cryo but measured tube quality).

    Great extension and detail while still smooth and liquid. This works great with the Sonic Frontiers SFD-1 MKII DAC and Sennheiser HD650, but might not pair as well with a system that isn't already fairly warm.

    When it was paired with my MHDT Labs Atlantis, I used a Sylvania 6SL7 input tube to help with warmth OR JJ KT88 output tubes.

    Now that I've settled on my setup, I have a barely used JJ KT88 pair and virtually untouched Preferred Series KT88 pair collecting dust. Will probably sell them soon.
  5. dmhenley
    Excellent, thanks! 
    Some more varieties to try out.
  6. Pawn
    Another tube amp added to my test collection. Would anyone say this is one of the best they've heard?
  7. JoeDoe
    Hey there Kenzie owners!
    I'm scrambling funds/hammering out a PayPal issue in order to pick up a Kenz from Justin and while I'm waiting (very impatiently), I'm curious to know if any of you fine gentlemen have ever heard a Woo WA6 or 6SE recently enough to offer a comparison between the two? Those are the most recent tube amps I've owned, both offering a sound signature I certainly enjoyed.
    Thanks in advance, 
  8. Pawn
    Ironically, I have the Wa6 but not the Kenzie
  9. dmhenley
    Did some more methodical rolling/listening to the Mogwai, using the Yggdrasil as source and Nighthawks.
    Went through the Gold Lion KT66, KT77, and KT88.
    All great tubes, but the PSvane black bottles are still my favorite in this system. Another feather in the Mogwai's cap, that it presented all the subtle differences in tube character. 
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  10. Jasonwaiheke
    I am after some advice.
    My quest for a new amplifier has led me to either the Kenzie or the Mogwai.
    I currently have ether c headphones but will no doubt be experimenting with different cans in the near future.
    Has anyone compared the two amps? If so how would you describe the differences?
    The extra power and the greater choice of tubes appeals to me with the Kenzie, however I have heard nothing but praise for the Kenzie. Are the 1626 tubes good? Is it easy to get good nos 1626s at the moment?
  11. Douger333
    You have great phones, congratulations on finding ampsandsound! I have Ethers and recently purchased my Kenzie and am very happy! I heard the Agartha with Ether Flows 
    at CanJam RMAF and fell in love with the 300B's, but the $3600 price is impossible in my situation. Justin recommended the Kenzie with the 'baby 300B' 1626 tubes... I have
    not heard the MOGWAI, but have had good experiences with the tubes recommended for the MOGWAI, KT88's, etc...  I wanted to enter the realm of 300B tonality and then
    was able to experience the Kenzie at home with the travelling audition that Justin kindly offered. Done deal!
    The 1626's are available on eBay and prices are reasonable. The tubes are great! Justin is also great and will give you straight answers! Good luck in your journey!
  12. rigo
    I agree Justin will take care of all your wonderings and questions if you reach out. I ended up going with the Mogwai due to the ability to use it with speakers. The KT 88 tubes have added more punch and power to my 2 channel listening and headphone use. A bit more detail to my ears.. They're not even burned in yet.

    No experience with the Kenzie.
  13. Guest12345
    hi everyone, a happy Kenzie owner checking in!
    I reached out to Justin at around Christmas-time, made some enquiries, and ordered a Kenzie shipped to Australia. I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure dealing with Justin during the whole process - he answered all my questions about rewiring to accept the voltage here (230V in Australia), provided an estimated delivery date, asked which shipper I wanted to use, provided extra info about the power tubes I'll need to buy etc. in a very prompt manner. It was also quite pleasing that the amp was tested and run in before it got shipped over here to Australia. Full marks for customer service!
    Now, onto the amp itself. I confess that I'm no audiophile - I know what I enjoy without necessarily being able to put into words what makes something really good. From a personal point of view, I've found myself listening to music more, and rediscovering the little details in the songs I know that I've missed in the past. Even my girlfriend, who isn't someone who normally gets excited about audio equipment, is pretty amazed by what she can hear. I'm pairing the amp with a Sennheiser HD6xx headphone. From a physical point of view, the amp feels like a solid, well built unit. Looks pretty classy too.
    If anyone is stopping by in Canberra and want to have a listen to the amp, do let me know via PM, and I'm sure we can arrange a listening session. BYO headphones and DAC!
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  14. Douger333
    Welcome and thanks for sharing!  I have had my Kenzie for 10 days and love it the same way you describe! Enjoy!! 
  15. Jasonwaiheke
    Hi Edwin,
    Could you tell me what shipping company you used? How much did the shipping end up costing?
    I live in New Zealand and am either going to get the Mogwai or Kenzie ( I just can not decide which to go for ).
    Shipping is very expensive so am very interested to know how much you managed to get it shipped for.
    Are you loving the amp?
    Kindest regards
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