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Ampsandsound Kenzie/Mogwai Impressions

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  1. ampsandsound
    Im digging the table into the Parks audio pre... thats hardcore :).
    Thats a really nice layout. You might try a 7F7... youll need a $10 adapter from ebay but youll get $200 6SL7 equivalents for $5 each.
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  2. dmhenley
    Really great little pre, the Budgie. I also had some 6922s gathering dust, so it was an easy choice when I was looking.
    Thanks! It sounds fantastic.
    I'll look into the 7F7 for sure - assuming these are NOS, and not current production?
    And, any brands you prefer?
  3. ampsandsound
    The 7F7 is only NOS. its an odd pin-out and requires an adapter... The adapter is $10 on ebay. 7f7 to 6SL7.
    The tubes are very old... 50s-60s? So you can get old awesome tubes for very little which is nice :).
  4. dmhenley
    I took a look - very cool. 
    I will definitely check them out after I spend some time with the current setup.
    Thanks again
  5. dmhenley
    Posted some more impressions and photos here after 2 weeks with the amp:
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  6. Luckbad
    Great impressions!

    Listening to my Russian complement right now.

    MHDT Labs Atlantis+ using a 6N3P-DR tube. Mogwai using 6N9S Melz metal base on input, 6P3S-E on power duty.

    Really surprising level of detail and extension on both ends. Very dynamic. Possibly less tube-like than I normally prefer.

    I kinda love Russian tubes. I always use 6N6P in my Garage1217 amps. In my MHDT Labs Canary I'm running a 6N26P.
  7. dmhenley
    Nice. I like forward to trying out some tubes I'm not familiar with.
    On that note, I've swapped the GL KT66's back in - going to let them settle in for a while. 
  8. rigo
    Excited to have picked this up over weekend. We are moving, so it won't see its new home until mid August. But I've already identified where it'll be set up and will probably be one of the first things I take over before those other things like a bed and refrigerator...

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  9. rigo

    Thanks for this. Can you clarify the following:

    "Justin does recommend that you do not run both speaker wire and headphones simultaneously. This is due to the fact that there is no voltage divider network, and both outputs are wired directly to the transformer. You will get the best performance this way. "

    So if using headphones disconnect the speaker wires and if using speakers disconnect the headphones?
  10. dmhenley
    Correct. Mr. Weber can answer this better if you need more technical insight. 
    You will have a signal going to both outputs if you run them at the same time.
  11. ampsandsound
    Guys Im not a sponsor yet... work in progress so I don't won't to over step. Always feel free to IM, Text or call me. Im happy to walk anyone through questions they might have. 
    As a cool aside, a buddy of mine found a a 12AX7 to 12SL7 adapter on eBay... He handed it to me and it works great. I still dig the sound of 12SL7s or a 12AX7 but having options is way cool. 
  12. kevnin
    I ordered a Kenzie at the show in Newport and have had it for a few months now. It's a great amp with HD800 and I feel its a nice step up from my Mjolnir2 and Sonett. 
    Some background: I went to Canjam partly to try a bunch of higher end amps with my HD800 and came away mostly disappointed (I missed ampsandsound at canjam). The best I heard was probably the Liquid Crimson, but while it was impressive technically I felt the sound was a little too dry and less musical then what I already had. For that much money I want both good technical performance and musicality.
    The main difference I could tell with the higher end amps based on show conditions was better bass impact and a tighter, more focused sound in general. When I heard the Kenzie, it had these improvements but with no dryness or loss of musicality. That combined with a nice show discount led me to make the purchase.
    Now that I have it at home I also notice improved resolution, soundstage depth and layering compared to my previous amps. Combine that with a nice full liquid sound and I am loving it with my modded HD800. It looks pretty badass too. 
    Another plus is the tubes for this amp are so cheap - about $10-$20 each. 
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  13. uncola
    ampsandsound got some coverage from avshowreports 

  14. ampsandsound
    Thanks so much for info. I didn't see it.
  15. dmhenley
    Anyone interested in a Mogwai, I may be selling.
    Also have several power tube pairs and input tubes I'll look to sell.
    It's simply upgrade time. My Mogwai post is here.
    It'll take me a couple days to set up the post on the sale forum.
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