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Ampsandsound Kenzie/Mogwai Impressions

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  1. omniweltall
    JJ KT-88 and 6SL7 seem to get good reviews for value and performance. The Sophias are also good but expensive.
  2. me2621a
    As I said in the other thread, best NOS combo I have heard is the TS 6SU7, TS 6550 (no hole or black plate), and RCA Black plate 5u4rg.

    New tubes, Justin really likes the JJ KT 88s, and the JJ 6SL7 was very quiet (both of these came with my amp). It also shipped with a SED black plate 5u4g, great rectifier tube, like really good.

    Personal opinion is the Sophia tubes are horribly overpriced and sound trebble heavy. I bought the full line (274b aqua, EL34, and 6SL7), I returned all but the 6SL7 (at a 20% loss) as I did not enjoy them (all that said people love them so your mileage may very), but the cost was the same as the Su7 and 6550s which were just better.

    Personal suggestion, spend 3 months with the standard tube set, and then come back and let us know what you are looking for (more trebble, more bass, etc..) and I and others can give you our opinions of what the other tube sets can do for you. This is being said from experience: I went out and bought NOS 6550s, EL34 XF2, RFT EL34, GE 6l6gc, Bendix 6384, Mullard 5AR4, Mullard metal base 5AR4, ge5ar4, RCA 5u4g, TS 6SL7, TS6SU7, RCA 5691, Mullard ECC35, Sophia 6SL7, Aqua 274b, and EL34, I have lots of opinions of how all of these compare, and with different phones and different sound signatures all of these could be winning combos, all depends on what you like and your budget. I bought most of these within the first month of owning the amp, which was a mistake, if I listened and spent more time with the amp first, I could have figured out what I was looking for, and then found my combo much quicker and much less expensively.
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  3. Dipesh
    Thanks for the info...I am using ZMF aoleus eikon ..focal Utopia argon mk3 ..I mostly use ZMF
    Soon I will get auteurs....budget is not an issue if it is worth it.
  4. ampsandsound
    Im not such a huge focal fan... not personal preference.
    The ZMF Veriti was insanely good on my amps.
    The MrSpeaker Ether 2 disappeared on your head.
    Each was different but Id be proud to own either as an end game.
  5. Dipesh
    Ordered my Mogwai SE. Should be shipped next week. I am excited to hear them. Justin is a super nice fella . Helped me with my million questions.
    According to all the reviews migwai se is a beast.
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  6. me2621a
    You are going to love it. It is my second favorite amp (first being Justin’s Kenzie Monos, full review coming soon). He is a great guy, and his advice is spot on, though we disagree on the Focals (I love them, he is not a fan, though I need to try the ZMF headphones still).

    Let us know when you get it and what you think
  7. Dipesh
    I will as soon as I get them. I might be selling my focal in few months.
  8. Dipesh
    So you like the vintage tung-sol 6550?
  9. me2621a
    I do, it is the tube complement I personally run, though I will say that the most important tube is the pre-amp tube. For that I like the 6SU7 and the ECC35 (with the 35 being much harder to find).
  10. Dipesh
    Do you have ECC35 tubes?
  11. me2621a
    I have one ECC35, it is a good tube, again I personally use the 6SU7, but the ECC35 sounds great as well.
  12. Dipesh
    Tung-SOL 6SU7?
  13. Dipesh
    What DAC are you all using?
  14. Dipesh
    20190402_142431.jpg 20190402_142606.jpg 20190402_143219.jpg
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  15. Dipesh
    Hello people,
    So this arrived Thursday. I was a happy kid until my coworker dropped and stepped on one of the power tube. :frowning2: . I was not happy. So I ordered new tubes and 48 hours later I cannot put my cans away. First of all RME ADI 2 DAC is fan ****ing tastic. Listening through Argon Mk3 , Eikon , Utopia and soon Atticus and Aoleus. Any one can lend me LCD's to test, would be greatly appriciated. :)
    Justin is super cool and helpful, Customer service at its best, He actually calls and texts and answers my dumb question. Special mention to Zach/ Bevin from ZMF headphones. I have a thread of almost 90 email going on . Sorry folks from ZMF.
    The unit came in a massive and I mean massive travel case. well protected . Justin also send some extra tubes for me to try , again super grateful for that.
    Sonically this is sorcery. There is a specific heft/weight in whatever I listen to. It is textured and very present and seperate. I won't go into all the small detail of how sub bass , bass , Mid and T are sonically. I think other reviewers have gone in detail regarding sonic. Plus they are way more experienced then me. But what I can say is this is a extremly enjoyable amp. I have been listening non stop for hour and hours and I do not want to stop .That is for me the highest compliment I can give.
    my coworker is not an audiophile, she listens through a cat ear shaped headphone her nephew gave. I played Tool, Chopin , Gorillaz, Code orange , Percival, Mazzy star etc a total of 10 ish audio. I literally saw her jaw open. :) She said "it feels like I am in front in recording studio , sometimes I am in middle of the band and I forget I have headphones on" and the vocal is in front of me"." She just said I get it". I apologized after that :)
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