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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. joespride
    Sennheiser HD700 delivered today and holy crap the bass impact is like getting kicked in the head..............these may well be the prefect can for the SE84 Volume at maybe 11:00 and the EL84 sound so good
    One way to know you have a great amp in the chain is insert a headphone many seem to dislike and have it sing with grace & authority The only thing you can do is question why others dis like this can.  It has to boil down to chain
  2. joespride
    I am there, after many years My headphone Chain is complete.  I have always felt like I could improve this or that in the chain. I am actually feeling content today The rig has been playing for 6+ hours straight and Zero Fatigue just wonderful sweet MUSIC flowing
    My hobby will consist of tube rolling and new music from this point forward...........Few pieces to sell that will get ZERO headtime now and I get to stop looking at the classifieds
    Thank you Justin for the SE84 and your continued friendship, you have made me happy (and you know my situation, so happy is a hard place to find for the past 4 years)
    A person I am proud to call friend [​IMG] 
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  3. joespride
    SE84 Tube Rolling begins now
    Currently have acquired a few pairs of SE84 and already had a few of the Driver 12a_7 types
    Right now have a 1960's pair of RCA smooth round gray plate top halo getter EL84's in place with a 1966 mullard 6681 driver.  Sounding VERY nice with lots of detail and impact. Mids are quite organic, Highs sound good while not overly bright.  The HD700 remains a real pleasure the amp just drives them so nicely
    Next few tubes I have on the way, EL84's Mullard, Amperex, Matsusheta....................Drivers I already have an Amperex 12 ax, and scored a pair of the EH 12ax7 gold pins 
  4. joespride
    Lately my chain has undergone drastic changes, I recently added a new Amp, Cans, & Usb SPDIF converter. 
    The Amp the venerable ampsandsound SE84 (no longer in the standard offering, Replaced by Mogwai)I was lucky enough to get Justins personal amp
    and it has brought me to new levels of enjoyment with my music. The EL84 has long been held a MUSICAL tube and the SE84 does not let down
    Superbly MUSICAL while retaining a great bit of detail and clarity. Nice sparkle on top with ZERO harsh edge (I play only ddigital files)
    Next was the much maligned Sennheiser HD700 headphones and I must say I am at a loss understanding the Love Hate responses to these cans
    I can only attribute my experience with these cans to its pairing with the SE84, I can tell you I have nothing but praise for this
    set of cans, so much so I sold all my others (HE500, HE560,  HD650, HD800) The 700 is now my sole pair of cans. They offer an amazing sound 
    signature IMHO, they play nicely with every genre. Offering stunning IMPACT with tight articulate bass, slightly forward mids with wonderful tone.
    Just the perfect amount of sparkle with out any harshness
    Last Enter the Gustard U12 converter, getting rid of all the noise from the pc usb, and allowing me to run 24 / 96 into the MHDT Havana's SPDIF
    input.Actually offered up a bit more detail
    I honestly feel like my listening has reached new heights of enjoyment. Being supremely Musical while retaining clarity, detail, superb bass. 
    I took the liberty of jotting down some notes while listening to some different music over the last few hours. These are not barely audible nuances
    but in your face Holy Schiit, where did that come frome details
    It becomes pretty clear where the Heaadphone CRAZE comes from when you attain these type results

    Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet, Wanted Dead or Alive Piano on stage left
    Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman, Where do the Children Play.  Much cleaner, Hear the pic on the strings
    Backup singers more present
    Chris Isaak, Heart Shaped World, Wicked Game, Cymbals much more presence, easily follow count
    Sometimes God Smiles, Bill Bruford. Prism long time reference for impact, picking up some chatter behind him as well as some odd 
    almost want to call it distortion but I would almost swear there is someone playing a largish hand drum
    Allegro Con Brio, Symphony No. 5 same album, Bass is slamming
    Allegretto, Dont know how to explain it, Simply amazing strings
    Chesky Records Demo 2, Rebecca Pigeon, Spanish Harlem. Her Vocals reverberate / echo
    Overall Much More ambient noise echo from the stage / studio
    Mids have a more lush presentation while remaining very detailed
    soundstage is noticebly wider, more depth
    The persuasions Angel of Harlem, can hear vocals depth changing lead singer is obviously moving around as he sings
    Bob Seger Nine Tonight, way more of the live venue ambient noise, crowd interaction
    Neil Young Live at Massey Hall, Applause sounds more like actual hands clapping, Picking up more of the venue ambiance
    Kind of easy to pick out solo audience member claps
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  5. Luckbad
    Still loving my chain as well!

    Mutec MC-3+USB to MHDT Labs Atlantis to ampsandsound Mogwai, usually with Sennheiser HD650 cans.

    I've rolled a tremendous number of tubes in both and I've settled on some personal favorites.
  6. mithrandir38
    Me too! I'll throw down with my Gungnir MB to my Kenzie to my LCD-2 f's. Playing Pink Floyd's Pulse, Volto! Incitare, Tears for Fears, and various Rush remasters from '15. I've tried the vaunted Raytheon input tube, and while great- sounding, it adds a little too much body for me. The stock config is world class for me.
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  7. joespride
    Well it seems the Gustard U12 was not up to the task, Software became an issue causing PC lockups etc... so back to Amazon it went. I now have the Breeze audio in place and am awaiting a wavelength as well...........the Breeze sounds damn fine so far and no software issues
    Final tube selection in the SE84 I landed on the RCA smooth oval gray plates with the top disc / halo getters, and a 60's Mullard military grade 12ax7.  Still IMHO the best I have had it so far. Though I am still itching to hear a Mogwai as Justin tells me it has about 40% more power than the SE84 [​IMG]
  8. PATB Contributor
    I bought @joespride original Kenzie about 7 months ago, primarily for my HD800 and HD650.  While the Kenzie did a good job with the Sennheisers, I was very surprised that it drives the LCD-2.2F very well indeed!  I thought the LCD-2 would require more power.  The Kenzie gives an added sweetness to the LCD-2 signature without blurring the edges.  My LCD-2 is now permanently stuck to the Kenzie [​IMG].
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  9. mithrandir38
    yep! I found that out at can jam when I plugged in a pair of LCD 2s.it drives them seriously loud, and with finesse
  10. ampsandsound
    I have the LCD2.2F 2016edition. Ive had the LCD XCs and came back to the LCD2s. The microsuede earpads made a huge difference for me.
  11. buke9
    The Kenzie should be here Monday. Can't wait to hear it thru my Yggy it sounded good from a Dragonfly Red it can only get better. Only heard it with my Ethet C's can't wait to hear the HD 700's from it.
  12. Smazz
    Loving my Mogwai, handles my 4s like a dream [​IMG] 
  13. rigo
    Mogwai has been a great purchase.  What sold me was the ability to drive bot headphones and speakers.  Drives my Senns well, but I find myself listening a lot more recently to my Zu Audio Omen speakers in my office.  Something that I was a bit worried about was the bass, but it is coming through with a variety of gneres - rock, Hip Hop.  Jazz and R&B vocals are impressive.   I don't think I'm hearing the potential in such a small room, so I'm considering moving downstairs to a larger area.   
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  14. dmhenley
    Have the Sophia Electric KT88-ST's in the Mogwai. Holy crap. These tubes are better than anything I've run to date. The Mogwai is now my main amp for phones and speakers.
  15. rigo

    What speakers are you using?
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