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ampsandsound (aka Amps & Sound)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by luckbad, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. joespride
    The SE84 safe upon her perch
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  2. joespride
    Ampsandsound SE84 revisited. I had 1 of the original SE84 amps Justin Built. I allowed myself 
    to be convinced to sell it in the supposed name of higher fidelity. What constitutes higher 
    fidelity ?  Is it that you can get more detail ?  Higher resolution ? More air ? I am sure we have all
    heard the terms used to describe a supposed better amp.  But is it really better ?  I know technically
    it is probably better, but does it sound better ?

    For me now there is 1 huge Elephant in the room, I am sick and tired of the endless persuit of Higher Fidelity
    I am drawing my line in the sand. What good is all this Fidelity, what are the costs of the persuit
    I am not talking about good old green backs, rather the constant upheival of our systems, and sanity.
    When is good enough,  "good enough ?"
    Re-Enter an improved ampsandsound SE84 (I bought what is likely the last SE84, it was Justins personal amp)
    I no longer have a desire to eek out that last enth of detail, resolution, seperation, clarity, blah, Blah, BLAH.
    I am firmly ensconced in the MUSICAL crowd from now on.  If your head is not rocking and your toes tapping I submit
    you are not living, merely existing. I am happily torturing my wife and kids with my rendition of pretty much what ever
    old favorite happens to be next on the playlist. Air drums "Please" I play with the best move over Keith Moon, John Bonham
    you have nothing on me.

    Though the SE84 is geared more towords 32 ohm cans I can say without hesitation my HD650 are hitting new and MUCH more 
    powerful lows, Can you say head vibrations ?  (I can now). Just because I am once again in the Musical camp that 
    does not make me deaf. so call me surprised when my humble little set up pulled out a detail never heard before. Ac/Dc
    Back in Black, Band member counting cadence before getting into the music.  New one on me.  Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 
    Cosmic Hippo has never had such presence, / authority I find myself wanting to listen to the whole album instead of 1/2 
    of 1 song in an effort to hear the never before heard Fideity (pick your own terms)

    To say I am very happy with this new amp would be an under statement. Another Home Run for ampsandsound
    Thanks just does not quite cover the feelings [​IMG]
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  3. ampsandsound
    Joe this is your 3rd amp from me? Are you still running the full range speakers too? The SE84 never seemed to gain traction... Was more likely the form factor. The SE84 predated the Kenzie R2 when I worked to shrink its size. EL84s wired in triode with a voltage divider network... As soon as I can get caught up, Id like to send you a Mogwai to compare. 
    Im super happy you're enjoying the amp. 
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  4. joespride
    Hey Justin.  I would enjoy that compaarison very much I must admit I have been curious.  I understand completely why you had to drop SE84 No builder can keep everything in the line up. It only makes sense to adjust your offered product according to what sells best.  I do still have the single driver proto types and am looking for a way to incorporate them that is out of the way (Motorhomes dont allow much space [​IMG])
    I have been shocked at just how well the SE 84 is driving the HD650 at 300 ohms I would have thought it a task.  They sound superb infact they are giving me hints of the HD800 sound sig. Just not as wide.  I was up past 11pm listening last night and back up at 3 with the boys puppy (had to walk Muffin)
    Any advice on better or not EL84's ?? how about the 7189's would they play nice with the SE 84,  Also what about rolling the 12a_7...........any problems there trying the various types
  5. dpump
    Can you use 6BQ5 in place of the EL84?
  6. joespride
    From my research I should be able to,  however I like to hear it from the builder
  7. ampsandsound
    7189 and 6bq5s work great. I still have the supplies to build more SE 84s but it's a question of what people like.
    What's true of all the amps is the great transformers we use. For me, quality transformers are the life blood of the amp.
    The top plate of Joes amp looks super plan Jane.... Underside is pack monter seized transformers.
  8. joespride
    Great info thanks Justin.  what about the 12a_7 slot will any of the typical 12ax, 12au, 12at etc... work without issue...........Joe
    Side Note The HE560 sounds Damn fine on the SE84 but I was surprised to find it really has about the same output as the Sennheisers (I was half expecting the volume to go much louder)
    Both the cans produce different Sound Qualities It will take some time they both have qualities I like, the HD650 darker leans more musical, while the HE560 tends more analytical which is great for classical types.  Never really felt myself a multiple sets of cans guy but this will be hard to give 1 up I think
  9. ampsandsound
    Any 12a_7 will work but the question is gain provided. If assume that you need at least a mu of 70. So 12at7 and above.
  10. joespride
    Thanks Justin.  The HE560 is really revealing (and COMFORTABLE)  I have heard zero distortion even with the amp at max volume short periods.  Pretty much between 3 and 4 Oclock position most of the time (few hours constant now) 
    Luckbad can you elaborate on which cans you are using and give a brief description of performance as concerns the Mogwai.  reading the specs on the web site it appears the Mogwai specs are some what comparable to SE 84 
    Musical with clarity who would have thought [​IMG]
  11. ampsandsound
    Joe the Mogwai is about 40% more powerful and the headphone section doesn't employ a voltage divider network as well.
    The SE-84 esp the unit you have has some crazy awesome iron.
    Btw, Thanks for the tubes... Crazy awesome gift. Anyone looking for rare tubes might ask Joe. he found stuff I've never seen.
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  12. joespride
    Thought you might like some of those :)  I have not seen some of them since scoring them either
    40% more power now I am really looking forward to comparing the Mogwai sounds like a perfect match for the HE560. They are sounding like something special with the SE84, But I have a sneaking suspicion that more power will make them shine even more :).
  13. joespride
    Anyone have experience with the Vinyl Flat Can Opener ?? care to share experience ??
    Justin Do you have any thoughts good or bad using above with SE84  ??
  14. ampsandsound
    It uses a voltage divider network... Least I think it does. Only needed if you had a power amp and wanted to use cans.

    Anyone buys the massdrop he-350. I need a pair like a hole in the head and yet I want a pair to comps jr with. :wink:
  15. joespride
    Hey Justin
    It has 4 resistors used to change the ohms the amp sees and also lowers the output into the cans.  Reason I want to try it is 3wpc out at speaker taps and 500mw out at headphone jack as the HE560 needs more power I thought it might allow for more power to the 560
    It looks like it would be easy to bypass the resistors for a full 3 wpc into the 560.  Tons of people RAVE about the HiFiMan being run off speaker taps
    at any rate it would be a cheap way to experiment without butchering a bunch of cables
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