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Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Dec 23, 2010.
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  1. audiophilehe400
    After going through signature I really like the design of the Sansui 5000a, I may have to get one. Are there any issues with the noise floor on it?
  2. Monsterzero
    Well....thats a difficult question for me to answer. I had two drivers fail on a brand new pair,which is why I sold my pair. You might get some vintage receiver nay sayers tell you otherwise,but I chalk that up to HiFiMan QC,or lack thereof.
    A couple members drive theirs for years from taps w/o resistors from 200+wpc beasts with no issues.

    The main thing to worry about is ALWAYS,without fail,turn the volume to zero before listening,and then slowly increase the volume. Most likely with even a 50 watter your ears wont be able to handle much more than 8:30-9:00 on the volume dial.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  3. audiophilehe400
    Thank you, I will keep that in mind. I will also be sure to pay attention to the volume knob each time I use them, with whichever amp I go with.
  4. Monsterzero
    Be careful of the 5000a...they had an issue back in the day where they literally used to catch on fire,due to a certain board in the design. Google "Sansui 5000a catching on fire" for more info.

    Some 5000a have the faulty board,some do not.Mine doesnt. Proceed with caution.

    What I can tell you about the 5000a is it is by far,the warmest receiver Ive ever heard(no pun intended). Bass is epic. For a more balanced sound I suggest the Sansui 881,or 771...or even better is the Eight Deluxe,but those are rare and $$$.

    My Onkyo and Akai are brighter,and my Kenwood is a tad less bright but doesnt have the bass of the Sansuis,but its so damn sexy :)
    Of course all these old receivers have built in tone control so you can adjust the treble&bass up or down,and some even have mids control too.


    I have never noticed any noise on any of my vintage gear.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  5. audiophilehe400
    That is great, I will let you know which one I decide to get. That is kind of crazy that they would catch on fire. I liked the pun too. How would you say these compare to a technics Sa 5270 if you had any experience with one or a similar model?
  6. Monsterzero
    Technics are a step down from the big boys of that era in my opinion.Granted they are responsible for the biggest monster receiver ever created,the 330wpc SA-1000,but generally speaking I dont like them as much as Sansui(my personal fav),Marantz,Pioneer,Sony(some of the vintage Sonys were very nice) and Yamaha(bright and detailed).

    The Technics however will still do a respectable job with the HE-6,depending upon the model,condition and power of the particular unit.
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  7. jean-luc
    I'm using the he6 (6screw version) with the bakoon amp11r. 15watts/8ohms.
  8. Oregonian
    Ted's Headphone Lounge is another option. I have two of his XLR--->taps adapters he made for me which I use with my HE-400 (used to have the HE-6 before I sold it) and his pricing and quality is outstanding.
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  9. hawkhead
  10. audiophilehe400
  11. Brooklyn70
    Does anyone have any knowledge about Doninance amps, mainly the Trinity model if it can push planar cans and what’s the sound profile ??
  12. iliketowrap19
    Does anyone know any Modern Integrated AMPS or Modern Receivers that can power these with great sound. Looking for something around the 500 Mark. I know that Vintage stuff is cheaper and could be much better but, I want the safety of modern guarantees and a return policy.
  13. cskippy
    A used Schiit Vidar works, but you'll need a preamp.
  14. Rhamnetin
    I've heard good things about the Music Hall a15.3 for the price.
  15. iliketowrap19
    What would you recommend?
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