Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Dec 23, 2010.
  1. Khragon
    Amp is pretty toasty.. I measured it at around 130F on the heat sink, I can only touch it for 3 sec.. manual said 5 sec or so... I didn't think 130F is that high but will check with Mark. What's your experience with First Watt amp heat @Jozurr and @jelt2359 ?
  2. Khragon
    Thanks, same to you, looks like we both have 300B amp :)

    Didn't know you received yours already... my impression so far is very positive, very musical amp. will spend more time and do comparison to my Glenn 300B.
  3. jerick70
    300b amps are magical. I really enjoy my WA5. I've been interested in the Glenn 300bs. Have you compared your Glenn to the WA5?

    Yes it came in this morning. I live closeish to Reno Hifi so it was here in short order. It's a superb amp with all of my headphones and my Speakers. I was skeptical that the J2 would be able to drive my inefficient speakers. But it is doing a superb job at it. I dare say it is besting my 220 watt Musical Fidelity M6si. This is a near field setup for my man cave computer so I don't crank the volume.

    The layering, instrument positioning / separation, and sound stage is incredible. PRAT is spot on too. This is with my Musical Fidelity as the pre. I'm looking forward to finding a dedicated preamp that will bring it further along in the audio food chain....
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  4. jerick70
    Like you said this is one HOT amp. I can touch my J2 for about 4 - 5 seconds without any adverse effects. It's by far the hottest solid state amp I've owned. I owned a Rogue Cronus Magnum a few years ago and that bad boy was a nuclear reactor. It was like sitting next to a fire place... LOL :beyersmile:
  5. jelt2359 Contributor
    I’ve never heard the J2 so cannot comment, but the F7 does get very hot too.
  6. jerick70
    That's really to bad that you had that experience with the Freya. I had high hopes for it. Which modes were you using? What tubes were you using in tube gain mode?

    I'm going to have to go do some auditions of preamps. I want to find a really good pre to match with the J2 soon. The M6si is doing a really admirable job right now though.
  7. Khragon
    I think tube section is good you find a good pair. I was using a set of Sylvania NOS for the buffer stage and RCA grey glass for the gain stage. I think that combo provided more clarity compared to the JFET or the passive mode. I didn't like JFET too much. I think Saga is a much more resolved preamp, too bad it's only single ended. I'm thinking of getting a Saga again to pair with the J2.

    Thanks for the feedback, that made me feel better. I emailed Mark, will report back on what he has to say regarding the heat.
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  8. Jozurr
    If you cant touch the heatsinks for longer than 5 seconds, you need better air flow to the amp. Try keeping it further away from walls, which helps.

    I did not appreciate the Freya in any mode - The SS mode isnt as clean sounding and the tube mode is not really needed with the J2. The annoyance of clicks with the volume knob are another story altogether.
  9. Khragon
  10. Keithpgdrb
    Can anyone tell me why I am getting an email notification every time someone responds in this thread? I’m supposed to get one, and no more until I come back to the site to check. Anyone have this problem? It used to work fine. Started acting this way our week or so ago
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  11. Khragon
  12. ossidian

    I just purchased NOS HiFiMan HE-6 cans. I also ordered the HiFiMan Adapter although it won't arrive for another week.
    I have read through many posts and still need to nail down whether it is recommended to use a McIntosh MC-2000 tube amp
    with the cans without the adapter. Does having autoformers make any difference in impedance matching? Thanks.
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  13. JimL11
    The autoformers are there to match the outputs to speakers, which run from 4-16 ohms nominal, and so draw much more current than the HE-6, which is about 50 ohms impedance. The MC2000 will barely even notice the HE-6 are connected, regardless of which tap you use.
  14. LarsHP
    To protect the output transformers it is recommended to have resistors in parallel (across the terminals) with the HE-6.
  15. ossidian
    Sounds like I will use the HiFiMan Adapter. Merry Christmas LarsHP!
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