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Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Dec 23, 2010.
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  1. svo360
  2. potterma

    Not to get snarky, but in my email exchange with Mr. Pass (and measurements done by me on one of the original F1 amplifiers), the F1 should deliver between 2.2 and 4 Wrms into 50 ohms.  Now, one thing we didn't discuss at those high output voltage levels is the effects on distortion.  The amplifier will certainly have lower distortion under 2 W than above.
    And why do you think that?  Because you need a resistor in parallel with the output transformer to provide it a proper load? 

  3. potterma
  4. Tobes

    I've never heard your amp so not sure what it's 'normal' sound would be with complex music.
    If you've had your headphones connected that would provide sufficient load on the secondary to not cause issues - so I wouldn't worry about that.
    The thing to remember is that an OT does not like no load - particularly under signal condition.
    The only reason I suggested a cheap resistor (of appropriate wattage) is to determine if the amp is going to be suitable for the HE6.
    No point buying expensive exotic resistors if the amp doesn't sound particularly good with the HE6.
    Also remember that a parallel resistor will not provide any protection for the HE6 from excessive levels, its only there to match the OT.
    As I suggested earlier in this thread the inexpensive Parasound Zamp provides a very musical match with the HE6, offering very good bass, detail and sound staging in a fuss free compact package.
    It's hard to recommend messing around with cheap tube amps when the Zamp just seems so much more sensible - but if you're in love with a particular tube sound go for it. 
  5. svo360
    I have no idea! ok so reason for low volume because tube amp has no load. as under a quarter dial and its very loud!
    well I have the amp now and stuck with it so I will use the resistor, havent used the amp since being on the forum. So I have no issue in buying a good resistor.
    definitely no tube lover here its my 1st be tube amp just wanted to see what they were about and how they sounded. and my 4th amplifier and getting a bit tiresome of worring about amps to suit the he-6. If i knew the parasound was that good i would of just got that but wouldn't looked at it twice thinking it wasnt powerful enough.
    Can you recommend a good resistor as i will use the tube for a few months. 
  6. LarsHP
    @ svo360

    How much you have to turn the volume dial is not about power, but gain, so if you have a 10W amp and a 100W amp side-by-side you might have the volume knob in the same position on both amps and getting the same loudness.

    Another good reason to get a resistor for your tube amp is that bass response won't be rolled off. (That's what I have seen/read at least.)
  7. eschaaf
    I just finished a DIY build of the Pass Amp Camp v3 monoblocks (also known as ACA) (6W into 8 ohms) and I've got to say... I am totally floored by the sound through the HE-6 (blutack, grill-less, audeze vegans w/ felt mod). I'm not sure how it's possible given their power rating, but my ears tell me a story that's different than the specs of the blocks. This may be the best bass I've ever heard (even though I haven't tried the HE-6 with other Pass amps and top tier stuff). For under $300 this build is super easy and excellent value as a headphone amplifier or for sensitive speakers. I had never even soldered before undertaking these blocks, but I knocked them out in a few hours without issue. Highly recommended. 
  8. somestranger26
    I took possession of an Audio-GD Master-3 recently and it's sounding great with the HE-6. Its sound quality is comparable to my Master-2H monoblocks in the other room, which convinced me to ditch my headphone amp. I had the M3 customized with 2 speaker outputs so I can flip between using bookshelf speakers and headphones at my desk.
  9. Rockin_Zombie
    Has anyone tried driving the he6 with one of the devialet integrated units? I like the nifty solution of an all in one, curious how the unique class A + D solution would go with he6.
  10. Armaegis
    While I haven't heard the Devialets, for a fraction of the cost the NuPrime IDA-8 or 16 would serve well and I've read are competitive.
    My integrated solution is a Bryston B60 with dac. The dac portion is very outdated, but the rest of it is fantastic.
  11. Kaixing
    I just got a HE6 and a RSA darkstar and the HE-6 sounds great. The next thing I am going to do is to update my dac into either Mada-2 or Vega
  12. ohhgourami
    I've been very very impressed with my Anthem MCA 2 which came with my speakers. This is true big boy performance. Can be had for under $800 used.
  13. screwdriver
    I have a first watt F1J for sale at the forum
  14. svo360
    yes like i said I have no idea! and now i understand as I have installed the suggested resisters and its sounds horrible distorted! guessing not enough power?
    as above, i totally understand what you mean now! it doesn't match these cans out all not enough power? quite disappointed now!
    more than meets the eye i guess its not just watts, never thought about the gain before! and this is why i probably have the amp im looking for!
  15. screwdriver
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