Amps for the DT990/600... preferrably SS with a slight mellowing of the treble
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Mar 20, 2010
I've come full circle and went back to one of my very faves, the DT990/600. I've been long due for an upgrade from the E9 (the Lyr would be it, but I've already owned it and wanna see what SS options are out there).

My budget is less than the Lyr's cost (less than $450), and I'd like the balance of the amp to slightly tip away from treble, as you may know the DT990s are quite screechy. They don't actually bother me, but they could still use toning down.

I would get the Lyr, but I rather not deal with tubes, though I'm probably still gonna go that route.

Obviously, the amps you guys may recommend has to have ample power for the 600ohm Beyers.

Many thanks in advance.
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Mar 5, 2007
So long as it is powered well, say with the astrodyne PS at least, the HeadRoom micro amp sounds surprisingly good in my experience, and does not have an overly "clinical" sound.  But, without the astrodyne or DPS, and just the standard "brick" PS, the amp does lack a bit of punch, dynamic swing, and resolution, to my ears and the ears of other listeners.  The micro amp ($350) + an astrodyne power supply is about $450 new.  However, you can often find astrodynes for less via head-fi. See:
Good luck!

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