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Amps: Burson HA160-D, Schiit Lyr, ALO RXMK3-B, and Cute Beyond

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  1. driver 8
    For Sale
    I'll put up pics of the RXMK3-B a little later (after I take some), but it has very little use on it. 
    Mainly selling these because I either upgraded from them quickly or am not using them enough.
    HA160-D - Sold!
    A bit scratched up, but most of it's not too noticeable from a far.  Some of the volume clicks are a bit noisy when you go to them, but this can be fixed with a few drops of Deoxit, which I'll include if it sweetens the deal. 
    Schiit Lyr - $349 Sold!
    This includes both the stock tubes and an unused, but recommended upgrade pair.  This one doesn't have the mute relay built in, so be sure not to have your headphones plugged in when you power it on or off.  Schiit has stated in the past that they'd add it, though, whether or not someone's the first owner, if that bothers any of you.  It was a nonissue for me, personally, since I always plug my cans in after turning the amp on.
    RXMK3-B - $475 Sold!
    There's some 3M Dual Lock (or was it Grip) on it right now, but I could easily take it off and clean off the adhesive.
    Cute Beyond - $75 Sold!
    I think I paid $180 for it years back, but I know it's not a particularly demanded item anymore.
    ^ I'm willing to haggle a bit with any of those.
  2. driver 8
    Price drop on the MK3-B
  3. driver 8
    Here are pics of the MK3 that's still available.  There are two knicks on the L in "BALANCED" but every other spec seen is just dust (I cleaned it off afterward to be sure).  I've also since removed the 3M Dual Lock and have included a picture of the top plate without it to show that the lettering was unaffected.
  4. driver 8
    Another price drop on the MK3-B. 
    Please don't PM me unless you actually want it; I've already had 5 people PM and then cop out.
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