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Amplifier from another dimension [solved]

  1. nofacemonster
    Sorry if my post topic is misleading but recently I found this tube hybrid amplifier called "Sherwood DT-555". It is a Chinese built amplifier with a 6N3 tube. I tried it with all my ear phones and they had too much background noise, I think it is because all of them are low impedance sets. It runs fine with a pair of 6 ohms Onkyo bookshelf speakers and changing tubes changes the sound as well as when you knock the tubes it can be heard from speakers.

    Does anyone know anything about these amps? I searched the internet and I couldn't find any information.

    Also I must mention that it is heavy for it's size.

    Guy who I bought it from has no idea what it is or where it came from.


  2. nofacemonster
    I was right. This is really creepy, no one knows about it or have seen one. This sure is an amplifier from another dimension.
  3. beyermann
    Weird ass looking amp. Can you plug that in a DAC?
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  4. nofacemonster
    It simply has normal input. I don't see any dac related stuff. Yeah if dac has a stereo out it can be plugged. Unfortunately I don't have a good day. Mobile phones output is not good enough for it, but when I plug the laptop sound kicks in really nice and smooth.

    It sure is a weird ass looking amp and that's why I like to believe that I came in posessposs of a object from another dimension. I still couldn't find anyone who owns a similar kind of amp, even home made amps still have more information than this on the internet.
  5. nofacemonster
    Here is what's inside. I have no idea what's inside but it seems like tube is pretty much intergrated to the amplifier itself. I don't want to ruin it by going any further than this because I know I won't be able to put it back together as it was.

    See if you can get anything out of it


  6. nofacemonster
    Alright here goes the update and final for this thread. I finally managed to solve the great mystery of "Amp from another dimension". I posted in Audiokarma and one wise knowledgeable person pointed out what it is today. It is called "Qinpu Q2". A Tube hybrid from china and it is well received for what it is. There is nothing to do with Sherwood and i don't know why it even has sherwood logo and information on it. Well that still makes it a mystery and still it could be from another dimension where Sherwood is Qinpu. ( Funny ).

    Name of the amplifier - : Qinpu Q2

    Currently using it happily with Onkyo D-V36 Speakers and sounds awesome for what it is.

    IMG_20181008_134812.jpg IMG_20181008_134819.jpg
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