Amphora + AMB Mini^3 + RWA iMod + Shure TOTL SRH1840 + ALO + Whiplash Bundle
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Hey Now,
I just picked up a a Sony NW ZX2. A Walkman of all things, this is a nice bit of kit. It is doing so many things 
for me. I have lots of gear now I do use and need to pass on. I am quite content with the ZX2 and my JVC HP-DX1000 at 
work. So my commuting/work rig is up for sale:
  1. Red Wine Audio (RWA) 5th gen iMod 60GB with a red YoTank case $300.00 + S/H.
  2. A DIY custom iMod twin Sonic Caps dock $40.00 + S/H.
  3. ALO iMod SXC Jumbo Cryo Ag/Cu LOD $75.00 + S/H.
  4. AMB Mini ^3 with High Performance build plus charger $75.00 + S/H
  5. ALO Amphora Amplifier Number 19/100 (paduak wood), plus an extra battery $400.00 + S/H.
  6. Shure SRH-1840 TOTL Headphone with case, plus extra cable and ear pads $350.00 + S/H.
  7. Send Station 30 pin dock F/W plus charger and cables. Included with iMod purchase + S/H.
  8. 30 pin dock to RCA connector cable $20.00 + S/H.
  9. Whiplash Low Profile TWag LOD $35.00 + S/H
If you purchase the whole kit, I’ll discount it for $999.99 shipped in CONUS. No Paypal fees.
No Shure headphone only $799.99 shipped in CONUS.
No Amphora amplifier only $749.99 shipped in CONUS.
iMod + DIY Dock + iMod SXC + TWag + 30 pin to RCA + Send Station only $375.00 shipped in CONUS
This is a very good sounding set up, nice and musical.
iMod - there are no capacitors in the iPod like the 4th gen iMod, you must use the Sonic caps dock or the
ALO SXC LOD into an amplifier or the Amphora amplifier directly. The headphone out works and sounds 
very good, but not as good if using an LOD and amplifier.
Sonic Cap dock - 2 honking large caps. 1/8” input, output via RCA or 1/8” mini. Used this in the truck
with the auxiliary in. I hard wired a 1/8” cable into the CD changer input, sounded better than CDs.
Send Station - plugged this in and was able to charge and send an audio signal into the Amphora at 
the same time. Will include the mini-to-mini and mini-to-RCA cables.
Amphora information:
Introducing the Amphora - a limited-edition, reference-level desktop headphone amplifier 
created for the music connoisseur in search of an extraordinary listening experience, 
dependability, and high value.
The Amphora is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA and demonstrates the finest level
of craftsmanship throughout. The enclosure is CNC machined from a solid block of padauk 
wood that is laser-engraved and finished using a blend of natural oils for a highest 
quality fit and furniture-grade finish.
Sonically, the Amphora presents to the listener a natural and effortless musical 
presentation that highly resolved and addicting. This level of refinement couples 
musicality and warmth without sacrificing delicate detail retrieval and spatial cues in 
the music. The Amphora features the Red Wine Audio Isabella Headphone module, along with 
carefully selected premium components. *
7” wide x 5” deep x 3” tall and running off a internal battery for over 24 hours of 
listening per charge.
The Amphora is the ultimate in transportability for use in your home or office - 
delivering a level of sound that is unmatched and unheard of in its price class.
•    Goldpoint® precision stepped attenuator volume control and silver-satin aluminum knob
•    Vcap® reference grade OIMP capacitors
•    2 inputs (L/R RCA jacks, and 1/8" stereo mini-jack)
•    1/4" stereo and 1/8" stereo output jacks on the front panel - no need for adapter plugs and this allows for dual headphone usage
•    High/Low gain switch
•    Preamp RCA outputs on the rear panel - allowing the Amphora to be used as a high-end, battery powered, home audio preamp
•    Continuous Cast Copper solid core wiring used throughout
•    Li-ion battery powered, with rapid-speed auto charger

Review by Skylab:

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Photos upon request via e-mail.
Thanks for looking.

Finest kind,
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