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Amperex Bugle Boy tubes

  1. ssingh0
    Pair of Very rare! NOS Amperex Bugle Boy 6922! both test 112/110

    I put about 30 hours on them.

    $80/matched pair.

    One of the labels is rubbed off almost completely. The other is somewhat still there, maybe 60%

    reason for sale: sold the amp that uses these (woo3) a while back, and haven't used them since.
  2. ssingh0
    price reduced
  3. ssingh0
    last price drop

    buy with confidence, look at my feedback
  4. ssingh0
    new sig with feedback bump
  5. Shizelbs
    My favorite tubes from the 6922 family.
  6. Dan Lee
    should I just go ahead and assume these are sold?

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