amp with klipsch custom 3?
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Mar 24, 2008
Hey all,
i am a new member to the community and was wondering if an amp was necessary with the klipsch custom 3s and if so which one would be the best. my price range is about 200-300
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What is your source and goal of amping? Amping low impedance earphones from iPod-like things is sometimes questionable. A real line out helps but you may have little to no improvement or it can even get worse.

My opinion based on a little experience (heh!) is that I will probably never be happy with lower end opamp battery powered portable amps. Going to give iBasso D2 a try but I think I'll probably wind up with a 110V headphone amp for home and work.
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source will be an ipod classic 160gb. I am a bass head, and am trying to enhance that aspect of my listening for the most part as well as an overall better sound
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An amp is not necessary for the Klipsch, but it will improve the SQ, especially if you use the LOD to amp. My recommendation base on the few portable amps I have owned would be the Ray Samuels Tomahawk, the Meier Move seems to have more bass if that is what you want, it also has crossfeed, but the Tomahawk has 400hrs battery life. Both amps have very very good SQ.

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