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Amp uprade or iem upgrade?

  1. dwang040
    My current setup is the Senn 6xx, RHA ma750, and the uDac 3. I'm trying to see if I should get either the Massdrop CTH + some cheaper iems (westons UM1, Shure se215, etc) OR just use the uDac 3 for now and get the Campfire Nova (B-stock)/ Campfire Orion (A-stock).

    As of right now, the uDac is okay in terms of powering the 6xx, but being a usb dac, I am usually at 3-4 o'clock, sometimes higher depending on the song. I also hear people say that the 6xx sound much better with a better amp and a lot of people like the CTH + 6xx combo. However, I noticed that my 750's developed a little rip in the outer rubber casing near the left side, fear that it might break in a week or so. Was wondering if something like the campfire Nova or the Orion would be worth it compared to something cheaper like another ma750, or the UM1. I guess at this point, it comes down to what's worth it. I use my iem's more than my headphones (60/40 split), so in both scenarios, I will be getting an iem. I guess it's more down to whether or not a more expensive iem is worth it cause I can always wait and upgrade my amp later on in life, but again, if $300 iem's aren't as amazing/ there are $100 or so options out there that are just as amazing, then might as well get that cheaper iem and upgrade my amp.

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