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Amp to pair with the HE-500?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by drumsnspace, Dec 22, 2012.
  1. drumsnspace
    Been doing a lot of research, originally settled on a Schiit Lyr and got frustrated with the delay on the new stock of them and ended up deciding to spend a bit more anyway. I'm currently considering a Graham Slee Solo (not the Ultra Linear). Will this have an acceptable amount of power with some headroom to crank it? Also how do you think the HE-500 would pair with the Graham Slee and a Peachtree Dac-It? What about with a PS Audio Digital Link III? thanks for the help, guys.
  2. jackwess
    The Slee solo SRG II does a decent job with the HE-500, it will drive them but probably not at full potential. For some extra you can have the Burson soloist, which have 4wpc (more than enough) some people have used it with the HE-6 as well.  
  3. Jfkervan
    FYI, am using the musical fidelity m1 hpa with my hifiman he-500. Very pleased so far. M1 can be had for a good price on ebay. 1.2w at 32 ohm. Volume at 11am. Great bass, clear highs and middle, excellent imaging (binaural chesky sets make it really come to live), neutral.

    However would love a comparison with lyr or other tube amp. Trying to replicate hd800 soundstage without the hiss of the senn. Dont get me wrong. great soundstage but short of hd800 airiness.

    (My speaker system is nas with sonos or hi-res on logitech touch, w4s dac, lfd ncse, spender s8e)

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