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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. loungecat
    Thanks Capetownwatches..
    I have read so many posts and watched a few YT videos of this amp.
    I eventually want to run it from my Win 10 laptop via Usb, I DOD find the ordering process a little weird as well, but it is, what it is I guess.
    I think my mind is made up on this.
    Thank you for your reply. :smile_phones:
  2. gLer
    I second that. I’d say give the Audio-gd R2R-11 a think as well in case you like your sound more ‘organic’ but both amp sections are about the best you’ll find at this price range.
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  3. ucan
    I'm really enjoying my LCD-2F's with the following:
    FiiO X5iii>FiiO E12>iFi iCAN. I like to sit outside on the back porch, all year round, with a decent scotch, and the iCAN plugged in out there. I didn't buy the LCD-2's as a portable or desktop option...but a sitting-in-one-place with access to mains power outside option. Yeah, I get a great sound too from my igalvanic3.0>iDAC2>iCAN>LCD-2, but that requires a computer... don't use my laptop outside really, but that may be a 'better' sounding set-up.
  4. Slashn77
    Has anyone tried the Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2? I am on the fence between getting a Lyr3 or Gilmore Lite Mk2(both $500) with my Mimby to drive my LCD-2c and HD 700's. never owned a tube amp before so a hybrid may be a good way to start. Vali 2 even? the Lyr 3 gets such amazing praise which is putting the idea into my head to try hybrid tube vs another SS like the Magni3
  5. zimbao2339
    Has anyone paired a JDS Labs El amp or The Element with their LCD2?
  6. areek
    Anybody tried the Massdrop THX AAA 789 with the LCD-2 paired with the R2R11 dac?
  7. oqvist
    Not with the R2R11 but hte THX AAA 789 does a great job with my LCD-2.
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  8. areek
    That is great news for me as I have decided to spend the bucks on the 789. Which DAC pairing do you prefer most with the LCD-2 and the 789?
  9. blackdragon87
    Anyone have the JDS Labs element? Wanting to try this with an LCD 2 I have coming

  10. exhale
    So i'm on the verge of buying either the WooAudio WA6 or Klipsch Heritage Amplifier ... i'm really interested as to how these headphones sound via balanced output but my question is, if i were to go with the WooAudio, how much more time and money would i have to spend in tube rolling, to get the most out of it? I'm already exhausted by the Aune T1se and sonically, i love what i hear right now but there's this unshakeable feeling that i'm not powering them well enough (although my trusty DIY amp goes to 600mw/120ohm via SE). Which one of these 2 amps would suit the LCD2s better?
  11. Andrey2019
    Hi all! :)
    I have posted this questions on LCD2c thread - but had no specific propositions.
    And as amp requirements for the LCD2c and LCD2 are similar I will ask this question again here:

    Recently I have bought LCD2c and like them a lot! Now after reading a lot of information from this and other threads on this forum decided to join the discussion.
    Now I have following audio setup:
    FiioX7 mark 2 > Fiio A5 > Audeze LCD2classic

    Bought it this autumn. And quite like how everything sounds.
    But after reading this forum I have some new thoughts. A lot of people saying that if I will upgrade Fiio A5 amp with more expensive amp in this chain I will have much more quality from it.

    I have listened several $500 amps in store and I think everything sound pretty much the same as my current setup:
    Matrix HPA-3B (420$)
    Nuprime HPA9 (600$)
    Questyle CMA400i (700$) amp/dac
    HiFiman EF100 (300$)

    Also spent 2 hours listening CAYIN iHA-6 (700$) / in balanced and regular mode + Cayin iDAC-6 (700$) - and as for me it is still in the same sound quality range that my current setup is.

    So now I have opinion that amps with price about 500$ and my current setup have similar quality. So I do not see a sense to buy something from things that I listed above...

    My question is: which amps (my budget is: 1000$ +/- $300) should I try to significantly increase sound quality from FiioX7 mark 2 and Audeze LCD2classic?

    Products from companies Monoprice, Burson Audio, Schiit not available in my city. (I need to try product before buying it, so it needs to be on sale in local store).
    I searched for recently discussed WooAudio and Klipsch - prosucts of such companies are not available here too.
    Same with Massdrop products - I will not be able to listen them before buying.

    My current short list to try is:
    Questyle CMA-600i (1300$ local price)
    Audio-GD NFB-1AMP (600$ local price)

    If you will add some propositions - what I should add to my shortlist before visiting store - it will be great! Please note that some companies that I mentioned are not available in my city.
    Thanks! :)
  12. spacequeen7
    @Andrey2019 ..since you are in H20 ballpark ,might want to consider Gustard H20 ,this amp saved my LCD-2's (no-fazor ) from chopping block
    Synergy is outstanding

  13. Andrey2019
    Thanks a lot for the advice. We have Gustard A20H DAC (DAC/AMP $1000) in shops. When I will visit stores - I will ask salesman about it too. But $1000 price is quite high indeed...
  14. Andrey2019
    By the way @spacequeen7 , I can see you are also using Topping D50 in your audio chain. Why is it so?
    Gustard A20H DAC is not capable as dac and you think I will need to add custom dac section to it?
    Or you just have version of this amplifier without DAC inside? (In my local shops there are only amp + dac version).

    From product description I can see that ballanced DAC part of this device is it is main advantage and main selling feature.
  15. spacequeen7
    I'm sorry , didn't realized you were looking for all in one unit since you also mention stand alone amps,H20 is an amp only and yes it's little pricey considering you would want to "pimp your ride" and get third party discrete opamps ,Questyle CMA-600i sounds like a descent choice ,see if you can audition some of the gear you mentioned ,there is also ESS/AKM part dilemma that you might consider and evaluate
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