AMP, LOD, IEMs and wow it just gets better.
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Dec 6, 2007
Hi I would like to make my appearance with a bit of history of how I got here, and what this site has cost me. :). I was reading in the Bacchetta recumbent forums a topic about riding while cycling and the owner/designer of the Aero chimed in about this web site, included with a warning about wallets. Well I started reading/lurking on this forum at the begining of November. I mentioned the site and it's topic to a friend, who then told me he had some Sure EC2's he did not like (not enough bass) and I asked to borrow them. I was smittent to say the least. I kept reading and found out about UE's and their cable's being replaceable. So I bought the Sures for my son, and ordered from Headroom (fantastic service and delivery) a pair of UE Super Fi's. Then I started thinking my 4g Sansa would not hold my albums, so I started to think about getting a HD equipped DAP. I ended up buying the 5th last 5 gen 80g IPOD for myself from FS Canada, and then the 2nd last one for my son. I have loaded 39g and he has loaded 6g, and I loaded all lossless. Well after reading more I bought a Gary Ali amp, and have played music on it for nearly 20 hours and am seeing a soundstage develop with a lot of the music I own. Now I am reading about LOD's, and have seen people say do not waste money on a LOD but get a better amp. My question is (finally :) ), if at some point I am going to buy a better amp would I not want to have a decent LOD anyways? Will playing my 5gen IPOD through the lineout into the PA2v2 not give better sound and will not the LOD dock cable not be useful for the next amp.


PS I can not find out how to order a Turbo V13 LOD.
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Aug 15, 2007
There is a thread in the cables section reviewing different LOD's you will want to take a look at.

If you are going to be using an amp, then yes, you will of course want/need to use a LOD cable. (If you are any good at DIY check out*»*WHAT'S NEW)

Using an external amp *can* improve the sound but this depends on the quality of the music on your iPod, your 'phones etc etc.

Lastly, i have not idea about Turbo.

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