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  1. caspadan
    Hi all

    Recently I've been thinking to finally get an amp for my AKG K702 headphones. I use them exclusively on the PC.
    I really don't want something expensive - just want to drive them a bit better. The only thing that pops up as a possibility is the Fiio E10K. Now I know it's not perhaps the best option, but I think for what I need it for it will be fine.

    The only thing i don't really need is the DAC part. I'm quite fine to use the PCs onboard sound, and then just use an amp. I can't however find anything that suits my needs. Which are:
    -decent amp that's not too expensive and
    -powered via USB.
    Perhaps if I can't find something that suits me, I may just have to look at a DAC/AMP combo.

    I don't need portable, since I'm going to be using it on my PC, but I won't just rule a portable one out (as long as I can leave it hooked up to the USB when on the PC). I do have Mee Audio's Pinnacle P1 IEMs that I could amp up on the go if need be, but portable is not really on the list for now.
  2. cossix
    I'd suggest looking at portable amps like the A3 from FiiO. I think it may be able to charge via USB while running but I can't be sure
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  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    You might as well save up for a Magni3 and get practically 20x more power. Not that the K702 will use 3watts, but it's only $30 more for something that will play cleaner with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more to go before it clips.

    Not to mention that if you're using one of those Gaming motherboards with decent headphone output stage circuits the E10K might have even less power and only slightly better THD+N that you might as well not spend the money on that.

    You have a huge problem there. If it's powered by USB then manufacturers tend to use the USB for two purposes - power and digital audio transfer. The only one I know powered by USB and can take analogue input is the Schiit Fulla2, but then again, that one has two USB ports, because one is for connecting to the computer for digital audio, the other connects to a high current 5v USB charger for power instead of sometimes inconsistent and noisy 500mA from motherboards/laptops.

    For $30 more than the E10K you can get the Magni3, you just need to hook it up to AC power.
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  4. ahmadfaizadnan
    +1 on the magni 3 :ksc75smile:
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  5. YJX94
    Get a Magni 3 and use your PC's DAC.
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  6. atarione
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  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would say the FiiO A3 headphone amplifier ($60)
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  8. caspadan

    I'm looking into all the suggestions and trying to decide which way to swing.

    Now, I know I'm not really too bothered about a DAC, but it seems the ones I'm looking at are all DAC/Amp combos.

    What about the Fulla 2? Not as powerful as the Magni 3, but still think it's fine for me. I don't really like the inputs for the Magni 3 - do they provide a cable to connect to the PC stereo output?
    Another one I looked at was the SMSL M3 which seems ok. One thing I like is the SMSL M3 and Fiio E10K look to easily be able to hook up to my Logitech Z906 system when I don't want to use the headphones, but it's very seldom I use the speakers, so it's not very important - just a bonus. I can just keep the computer's optical out attached to the speakers and switch devices in Windows when needed (which I'm doing anyways).
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  9. ahmadfaizadnan
    You can use rca to 3.5mm for the connection.

    I use this to connect my mojo with other amps.
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