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Amp for HE-500

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by arcticcfoxx, Oct 7, 2014.
  1. Arcticcfoxx
    I just bought an amp for the Hifiman HE-500 so i decided to go with the Schiit Lyr as i heard that it would be a good amp for HE-500. Man was i ever farther from the truth, my experience with the l yr has been total and utter ****, no pun intended. The amp constantly gives out a static feedback with high pitch squels that get really loud, apex then fade away as well almost a farting sound, plus the GE stock tubes are insanely microphonic. I honestly say i can't listen to this amp without getting a headache from the feedback it produces. This was my first venture into high quality amps but damn i really don't like this thing, after dropping the money on it i feel cheated, is this how all tubes amps are or what? I can't listen to anything that doesn't have a total wall of sound thrown at my without hearing some kind of pop, squeal, or buzz. I wanted to get to sound nirvana,  let the music take over so i figured this be the way to do it. Is there anyway to fix this Lyr or is this how they all are, if not whats a good alternative to it for the HE-500 preferably under $350 and probably solid state as tube amps tend to be really fussy.
  2. Nhubley
    Upgrade your tubes! Are you letting it warm up? 
  3. Arcticcfoxx
    Yes, letting them warm up, and thinking about getting new tubes. Will it be a big improvement? Was looking at these tubes
    But trying to justify throwing another $60 at my equipment hoping they sound better. Have to say that these tubes aren't all crap, they sound amazing when they work well, just been far and few between with me and getting annoyed by it, is it possible that new tubes would fix all the buzzing and static sounds?
  4. Nhubley
    Ya... Hands down new tubes will eliminate static.. I highly doubt JAN 6922 will do it though read up more on Tube rolling the LYR (link below). My first foray into eliminating static on my WA2 was with Valvo 6922 Gold Pin's they did the trick. Make sure though you are letting the amp warm up for at least 10-20 min. 
  5. Arcticcfoxx
    Would it have to be some as expensive as those valvos. Hell $250 for tubes, that's more than half what I'd paid for the amp itself. Wouldn't just new tubes other than stock get rid of the noise?
  6. Nhubley
    I paid $70.... Ebay my friend.. Talk to the guys over in the thread I posted above they will be able to help you! 
  7. Arcticcfoxx
    Ok thanks for the patience for helping me. Unexperienced in this stuff and short of temper lol. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  8. Nhubley
    Lets get this straight so we can all agree. $250 for a pair of 6922's is a little crazy for a lyr. lol.
  9. xxxfbsxxx
    if you can stretch a bit, the new audio-gd c2 amp should be a very good choice :D
  10. michaelios
    I had similar issues with lyr. Sometimes hum has gone after putting this amp side on the table. Now it's silent for months.
  11. borrego
    For similar price of the Lyr, the Garage1217 Ember or Polaris will be much better "euphonic" sounding amp to drive the HE-500.
    If you are already deterred by tube amp and want to go for "neutral" solid state type of sound, I would recommend the Meier Audio Corda Jazz. I have the Meier Audio Corda Classic and it can drive my HE-500 very well. The Corda Jazz is only slightly less powerful and with a less sophisticated crossfeed circuit.
  12. b0ssMax
    I bought a violectric v200 for my he500. I didnt want to deal with tubes hence went sith solid state. I dont regret it. Younmay want to search it there are a few people with that combo.
  13. Chuckjones242
    The Lyr is a fantastic amp for the HE-500s - if you think you're going to enjoy experimenting with tubes / tube rolling.  Each has a different signature and you'll be able to clearly discern the differences in sound quality - it's not like you'd be changing some small percentage of the sound. 
    I never had an issue with the feedback or microphonics.  It sounds like you're having issues with the tubes or the Lyr itself, contact Schiit.  And from my experience the stock tubes are pretty good.  The sound you get by default is almost solid state, pretty neutral.  You can do worse.  My advice would be to not go out and buy tubes until your stock unit is working properly.  Call Schiit.
    If you don't have an interest in experimenting with tubes, I'd go get a different solid state amp... but again, the 500's are great at picking up details that your Lyr can accommodate.

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