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Amp for Fostex TH600

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by udit, Oct 22, 2014.
  1. Udit
    I would like to buy a Full Size Headphone Amp for my Fostex TH600 within $200-400 which will eliminate or reduce the headphones brightness and harshness also increase the midrange without compromising Bass.
    My DAC is a Creative Sound Blaster ZxR (Burr Brown PCM1794) and my amp is a FiiO E9.
  2. Udit
    please help me
  3. Udit
    anyone ?
  4. Sweetmeat
    I'm driving my TH600s with a Burson Conductor SL (same amp as Soloist SL) but this is slightly beyond your price range at $600. Maybe you can find a used Soloist SL. Very smooth with excellent extension on both ends, and tends to de-emphasize the TH-600 upper-mid bump. I think the TH-600 with its crazy impedance curve is tamed by the SL with its low-impedance output and stiff PS. Probably more power than the TH-600s need but then again...
  5. Udit
    Thanks a lot.
    I will buy the soloist sl then.
  6. Udit
    How about the Audio-GD SA-31?

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