Amp for Beyerdynamic DT990 600ohm?
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Jul 2, 2010
Would like an Amp/DAC combo (for simplicity's sake) if reasonably possible whilst maintaining the most quality for my budget. Budget is ~$200 for something used (I know, it isn't much).
Looking at the Firestone Audio Fubar III. Possibly a used Matrix M Stage + cheap DAC?
What are the entry level tube options I should be looking at? Firestone Audio Little Country III? Little Dot MK III?
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I see that you are [about] to be the  owner of some Manufactur Black and Red DT990/600ohm'ers that you purchased a couple days ago. Congratz to that !
And I coulda swore i saw you purchasing a Darkvoice 3322 in the amp  section a while ago,  as well
edit: yup, my memory sharp as always !
did something wrong went with the transaction or do you not like the DV3322? For $200, you ask yourself, will anything come this close to a decent tube amp as the Mark 3, you ask that to yourself  aloud  - and you may have already answered your own question  ^_^
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so you got your gf into the 990's eh
. Well... then she's going to be in for the ride of her life LOL.  I kids i kids, hopefully she'll love it, I wish mine would appreciate bass more, but she's mostly into softer phones like my DT880's  >_>
sure, the MKIII will drive them very decently. If you can shell out around $60 on some better Mullard/Sovtek Tubes, it takes the amp to another level. I still don't know If I'm ready to give mine up any time soon since the pre-amp out can come quite handy + it really sounds fantastic once you have a strong smooth source hooked up to it.
I think the MKIII + tubes is better than MKIV stock. The extra $100 can go to tubes. Also, the thrill of tube rolling is always exhilarating !  The Woo Audio 3 is obviously a level above the MKIII and will drive the beyer's better. Well of course it's going to sound better, it coast nearly 3x as much  as the little dot =)
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Not unless you want to spend into the four digits or get a hybrid system.
but I'm actually looking for a tube headphone amp that can also directly power speakers and put out 80watt. Any ideas? (Does that even exist?)

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The Woo 3 is a match made in heaven for those cans. I spend most of my listening time with that rig. It's all good! 

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I use a Woo 3 and the DT880s.  Great combo.  Perhaps when I get some extra cash, I might take a lunge into the 990s.
The Woo 3 is a match made in heaven for those cans. I spend most of my listening time with that rig. It's all good! 

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all this  "OTL magic talk" make me want to upgrade my amp to the Woo Audio 2,  instead of Woo Audio 6

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This is getting off topic a bit, but I simply love my Woo 3.  It's simple.  It was three tubes.  Don't need to worry about matching power tubes, especially my favorite one--the 5998.  Great sound.  Tubey, but still has clarity and speed. 

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