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Amp/DAC that will last me.

  1. tehsaboteur
    Just getting into the audio world and looking for a recommended amp/dac setup. Have heard good things about the modi/mangi stack and was wondering of there was a better bang for the buck for around $500. Going to be using at my desktop for music and gaming and would rather spend a little more and not have to upgrade for a long time. Not planning to get into the real expensive hi fi world so something that will drive 300 ohm and lower will probably be all that's needed. El Stack worth the price over the schiit?
  2. PopZeus
    Under $500, easily my favorite combo is the Audio-gd R2R-11. So much bang for the buck. You'd have to spend a lot more to get a noticeable upgrade. Despite not really winning any spec sheet contests, the sound quality is still great, with excellent detail retrieval and a nice wide soundstage. Something about that NOS ladder DAC magic.

    On a side note, it happens to pair really well with my headphone choices. Ymmv.
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    +1 Audio-GD :wink:
  4. yong_shun
    I assume the EL stack is referring to JDS Labs EL Stack. It is a nice set-up and very "space-friendly" if you have limited space on your desk.
  5. tehsaboteur
    Alright will take a look into this. Thanks.

    Yeah I heard they were good and neutral sounding but the bang for buck doesn't seem to be there.
  6. tehsaboteur
    If you guys had to recommend something that was easily gotten in the US what would it be?
  7. earChasm
  8. tehsaboteur
  9. PopZeus
    Maybe look into the massdrop SDAC/LCX combo? Grace makes a fine DAC for the price, and the Cavalli amp is fantastic (it's what I use).Eventually, you can upgrade with an external DAC and feed it directly to the amp section.

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