Amp/DAC combo for Alpha Primes
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Mar 16, 2005
I recently picked up a pair of Alpha Primes with a double helix cable, and am now on the hunt to find my perfect Amp/DAC combo for them.
I recently purchased a Vinnie Rossi LIO with headphone amp/tubestage/RVC, and it will be here in about 2 weeks.  I have 30 days to see if this setup is for me.
I also have a Liquid Crimson coming on loan.  During this time, I would like to add a few more items to the list to try out.
I have only spent serious amounts of time with the Schiit mini stack (modi2uber/magni2uber), and while I love the sound, what I was hearing at the few meets I have been to opened my ears to what GREAT sound can be.
AURALiC Vega - probably the best dac i have ever heard.
Schiit Yggdrasil - didn't get enough time with this guy
Liquid Crimson - spending a good amount of time with this guy soon
Liquid Gold - didn't get enough time with this to really form a full opinion
Eddie Current Balancing Act - havent heard it yet
WA-5LE/WA-22 - also only spent a very little time with it.. but liked it enough to want to come back and check it out further.
Hugo TT - heard this briefly at CanJam SoCal and fell in love with it.. the sound was so big and full and.. magical.. magical like dragons flying in the air.. not penn and teller.
Vinnie Rossi LIO - haven't heard this yet.. really looking forward to this one
Are there any others I should add to this list to hunt down and try out?  I just want to put some on my radar so I can go venture out and try them out.  What have your experiences been with amp/DAC setups for primes, and what have you all liked the best?  Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback :)

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