AMP (and DAC?) for iPhone 5 + iPad 3 + Laptop
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Dec 25, 2012
So I'm currently bouncing between the E11 and E17 and wondering if you guys can offer some suggestions or info.

Cans: DT 770 Pro (80)
iPhone 5: 50% use - it's mobile so 770s in the car or through the car system
iPad: 40% use - this is what I use when I'm laying on the couch or in bed and listening to music (770s)
Laptop: 10% - If I'm using my laptop I'm usually controlling my PC to play music through my home theater (hdmi)

First, are the AMPs pretty equal? At least will I notice a difference using my 770s? I'm assuming I couldn't use the AMP for the car system or home theater connection (full AMP > PAMP).

Second, where could I use the DAC? Would I hear a difference pulling audio from the AMD 6970 HDMI and running it through the E17 to my receiver's stereo input? I assume there's just no workaround to use the E17's DAC with Apple products?

Another consideration here is how I'll end up connecting this stuff. Does running the AMP through the digital dock (iDevices) make a noticeable difference? That means attaching an L9 to my iPad (not too big of a deal) but also adding a 30 to 8 pin adapter to the iPhone (annoying).

Anyways, thanks for the info. Thinking I might as well save some $$$ and get the E11 unless that DAC is going to give my home theater setup some love. The laptop jack has a horrible hiss but like I said, I never use it.

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